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This site is still under construction (as it has been since 2006), so bear with some of the bugs in it. I would like to thank for hosting this site. Some of the ads here help to keep this site free and available. Spammers not welcome since one of them did shut down the website for a few days. As of February 10, 2017, based again in Austin, Texas, although I reserve the right to move to my ancestral homeland of Ireland if I ever win the lottery or get an Irish work permit.

Clarke Family Genealogy Notes page

My old writings and columns

My Bandcamp Music Purchase page

My SoundCloud page with original songs and some free downloads

My Twitter Page

My HearThis.At Music and downloads page

My ReverbNation Page

Thomas Clarke's Politics Page

My Media Page

Classic Prodigy Posts Page

My Online Shop

My Google Blog

Assorted Photos

Low Altitude Baked Ziti Recipe

High Altitude Baked Ziti Recipe

American Numismatic Association

New York Expatriate Page

Colorado Springs Expatriate Page

Other links not mentioned here

12 Days of Sandy

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