Between 1998 and 2004, my biggest Online nemesis was a pest who called herself "Danielle Renald" or Danihottie for short. Over the years, I found out she was not who she said she was, and in fact was something worse. She was a former friend named Alyson Walansky. Alyson has some serious mental problems- one of them being a need to always be the victim. And I think that's when Danihottie first appeared on Yahoo and AOL.

Danihottie first popped up in 1998 in the editorial pages of the Brooklyn College Kingsman, a rival newspaper to the Brooklyn College Excelsior, where Alyson and I used to publish our columns. For years, her tirades against Alyson made me suspicious, but it wasn't until Alyson turned against me in December 1999 that I started to put the pieces together.

Danihottie Dossier (from 1999)

Note- as late as 2000, I couldn't connect "Danihottie" to Alyson Walansky. But then offline oddities occurred- Alyson's interference in the relationship of Jon Koza and Megan Varon, her flame feud against Dafna Alma involving Alyson's position with the band Spiraling, longtime Alyson friends Liz Stonehill and Diana Pensabene being accused of betraying Alyson, and a Danihottie-esque hacking of the computer of Alyson-foes Steve and Lynda Kreger in November 2003. But then online, "Danihottie" appeared on my forum within a few days of my getting kicked off the Excelsior. On Delphi, Danihottie tried to be nice to me, giving me inside information on Alyson that only Alyson could have known, like her tryst with Scott Kuperberg in 2000. But she also incriminated herself by referring to my old computer in the Excelsior office- something no one outside of the Excelsior would have known was my property.

The summer of 2000 was one of the most active periods my now-closed forum had ever known. I had finally convinced my old friend Steve Peak and my sister Suz to join the forum. Almost immediately after my sister appeared, Danihottie threaned her. Steve posted his usual inane stuff like "Are you a hottie" to Danihottie. In some ways, it was funny, sick, and chaotic. But eventually Steve and Suz stopped posting, but Danihottie kept visiting.

Danihottie kept visiting even after I outed her. But her last visit was in March of 2004, and that horrid name never posted on the internet again. But Alyson has kept active, with a USENET group ( and a sorry legacy of ruining lives from Brooklyn to Louisiana.

The most recent photo of Alyson "Danihottie" Walansky, which shows that cyberstalkers age much quicker than the general public (Courtesy of Google)

The main Steve, Suz, and Danihottie thread

Th thread that proved Diana Pensabene wasn't Danihottie

More Danihottie Posturing

Glenn vs. Danihottie AIM chat

Fake Ann Marie/Danihottie e-mail

Ann Marie vs. Jon Koza AIM chat

Ann Marie's respose to the fake e-mail

My first AIM chat with Danihottie

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Last updated March 28, 2008