This was written by former Prodigy member and Pena foe
James Dolce back in June of 1993. I was able to get this 
text from Jerry Vasilatos two months later. My own dealings
with Pena are chronicled in another post.

**** James Dolce's Pena Saga ****

NUMBER 1:                                                   
   All right, people. Settle back, 'cause I have no idea how
long this is going to take. Get the popcorn, soda's and make
yourself comfortable.  I have a tale to tell.               
   First let me say that on behalf of all of us, I declare  
VICTORY. Not a victory for one individual, or even a       
group. But a clear and deserved victory for truth.  I also 
want to thank Jer and Cindia and Gina and Kelly and Mike and
everyone else who pitched in to fight the good fight.       
   You know, when I was thinking about this earlier today I 
realized that there are very few situations in life that    
have the full completeness of a good fiction story.  That   
is, a story with a beginning, middle and an end. A story    
that has good pitted against evil.  A story where the bad   
guys look for certain to win, only at the last minute to be 
foiled.  Well, I am happy to tell you that this is that kind
of story I am going to relate to you.                       
   To those of you who know the story -- or large parts of  
it -- I apologize, but I think it's important to get it on  
the record.                                                 
   So where to start?                                       
   For me it began, that is it began THIS time, when I got a
post from Lee Marx. Lee invited me back to the board. Lee   
said that things were happening and since so many would be  
leaving in July it would be a lot of fun for me to come back
and do a kind of Pena roast. Nothing mean-spirited, you    
understand; all in good fun. So I agreed. And the first    
thing I did was scan the recent posts to get an idea as to  
who everyone was, and the kind of relations they seemed to  
have with each other... I was not surprised to see Pena     
still here.  But there were many of you who I had never     
'seen' before.                                              
   Finally I jumped in with a post. And was greeted warmly by
many of you.  At that point I was up to speed on what Mark  
was doing.  I saw the revisionist history he was posting    
concerning his past lies. And frankly that disturbed me. So 
at that point I decided to put together a number of posts to
outline to everyone the facts of my encounter with Pena.    
Well, before I could even begin this I suddenly received    
an e-mail message from Gina Thomson. Now at this point I knew a      
little about Gina. I knew there were some who felt she was  
another persona that Mark used. But in scanning her posts, I
had come to the conclusion that that probably wasn't the    
case.  Well, both in public posts and email she presented so
many pieces of evidence to me that she wasn't Mark, that I  
felt I needed to tell people.  And so I did in a subject    
titled "Gina is Real!".  And guess what? She's so real she's
getting married to another real person, Phil. And that is   
what makes part of our story have such a happy ending.      
Because when I came back to the board, Gina had just stopped
communicating with Mark. And it was obvious that he was     
becoming more frantic as he posted and posted to her. And   
yet she wouldn't respond.  We all remember that.            
   It was obvious to me, and I'm sure many, what was going  
   It must have been the very next day after my return I    
received email from Gina.  She was frightfully concerned.   
She was concerned for Mark. For his sanity.  And she asked 
me to consider not posting anything that might put him over 
the edge.  And after I considered things, I agreed to not   
push too hard on the past.                                  

NUMBER 2:                                                   
   But there was still the present. And there was Cloud     
Braxton.The first time I saw the Cloud Braxton ID I thought 
everyone just assumed it was Mark. I had no idea that anyone
really thought it was someone else. But to get some info,   
I asked my new electronic friend, Gina. And she told me an  
interesting story. She knew that it was Mark. And I think   
she knew why he was playing this game. It was all a silly   
schoolboy attempt to get her attention and a desperate      
attempt to stir a spark of jealousy. See, Mark had become   
completely fixated on Gina. (Gina, this is a part you should
be telling, so if I get any of this wrong please feel free  
to correct me on details). She had not encouraged him. In   
fact she'd done just the opposite. What had started out as  
innocent exchange of pictures and light fun, was suddenly   
turning dark. He apparently became more and more intense.   
Convinced that they were ment for each other. And so she did
what any smart gal would do. She broke off conversation. But
Mark was persistent. Note after public note was directed to 
her by him. Still Gina did not respond... Until Mark's mom  
got sick.                                                   
   Mark posted to Gina that his mother had breast cancer and
that he needed to talk to her desperately.  Gina responded  
like any normal decent human being would and wrote to him.  
Now Markie tried to pull the spring on the trap.  He        
demanded that she meet with him to discuss things. Of course
she refused. But this only drove Markie to more desperate   
measures.  In a calculated plan, Mark posted publicly that  
his mother had breast cancer.                               
   How many of us can still remember reading that note, I'm 
sure. No one would make this up, I said to myself. Still    
consider the source and make no judgement on it now, I told 
myself. Yet within a few hours post after post of sympathy  
came in to Mark. People who had been locked in the most     
intense verbal battles with him suddenly put away their     
swords and offered prayers, cards and sympathy. It really   
was quite a display of compassion on the part of the board. 
   In order to prove his point to those few who were adamant
about this being a scam on Mark's part, he mentioned        
repeatedly that Gina could back him up on this, since he had
mentioned his mother's illness to her previous to him going 
public.  Remember, how his mother was in a hospital in San  
Francisco? Remember, how Markie kept debating about         
whether he should go to his mother's side at this time of   
need? About whether he could get out of his finals in       
   Post after post of well meaning advice poured in from    
virtually everyone. People urged him to GO. Go to your      
mother's side. She needs you, people clamoured.             
   And finally, Markie said he would go to be with his sick 
mother. He was really scared, he said. People prayed for    
her, and they wished Markie well on his sad trip.           
   All the while Markie laughed.                            
(Next up -- The Braxton Bust and a Pact with God)

NUMBER 3:                                                   
  The first time I saw the Cloud Braxton ID I knew it was   
bogus. It reeked of fraud. And how convenient, I thought.   
Gina dumps ol' Mark, and suddenly he's exchanging cutsie    
little lovenotes with some Cloud. And Man, did the styles   
match.  Where's that guy, Jerry Vasi, I thought. I'd        
remembered Jerry from when I'd been on before. He had a way 
of striking real terror into the heart of our little friend.
And as I read each sickening exchange between Mark and his  
alter ego I became more and more convinced that this kid    
needs help... still, the story about his mom might be true. 
And if it were... well, I'd cut him a little slack... for   
   Meanwhile Gina tells me through email that our favorite  
Cloud has been writing her, telling her that while she and  
Mark are going together, she knows that he still loves Gina.
And that she wishes they could patch things up.             
   Man, it was disgusting. And it was starting to frighten  
Gina.  And frankly I had no pat answers for this. I         
remembered clearly the headlines here on the West Coast     
about Rebecca Schaffer, the actress, who was stalked by a   
maniac and shot in front of her apartment. I knew there was 
a danger. But I thought at least Gina was on the West Coast 
and Mark appeared to be posting from Texas. No need to worry
her any further. Yet.                                       
   Suddenly Mrs. Pena was getting better. Mark announced    
that he had returned from San Francisco and his mother's    
condition had been upgraded. And he said he had turned over 
a new leaf. He had made a PACT WITH GOD! By this time I and 
a number of others were really starting to doubt the whole  
story. Something just didn't seem to fit. I took a look at  
the date/time stamps on his notes and Clouds notes.  And I  
noticed that the time that the macro put on the note was one
hour behind the East Coast time. I also knew that early in  
the morning when he was posting, P* gets the notes up       
quickly. Usually within a minute or two of them being       
uploaded. That ment that Mark/Cloud was in Texas. Because   
the time difference between the East Coast and Austin is one
hour. Well that lying little rat!                           
   The pact was going well, though. Mark was harassed by    
those who doubted his story. Nevertheless, he seemed to turn
the other cheek. He would not speek unkindly. He never lost 
his temper. It was a brand new and improved Mark Pena. In   
fact, Mark announced that he was now going to church two    
times per week.                                             
   This one was too easy, I thought. Pena knows Gina is a   
devout Catholic. He claims to be the same now. Going to Mass
two times per week. I knew Gina wasn't buying it.           
   Still, I wondered who was?                               
(Next Up: The Mask Removed" ... Don't you miss it.)         

NUMBER 4:                                                   
   My wife and I had just come home from Jubei's, a small   
sushi restaurant about two miles from our house. It had been
a great evening. Good food and perhaps just a little too    
much Kirin beer. It was late and my wife headed up to bed. 
I decided to spend a few minutes online, just to see what   
was happening. I knew full well that some of the best       
exchanges happened in the early morning hours. I logged onto
Prodigy then let the pro-util macro wend its way to the Arts
Club BB section. There, posting every few minutes, was Bob       
Miller. I'd watched Bob's posts before. He always seemed   
courteous and seemed to take a positive interest in the     
people he exchanged thoughts with. I also knew he must be   
quite a guy because he posted to a "lady" by the name of    
Cloud Braxton.                                              
   It had only been a week or so before that Gina and I had 
seriously discussed the Cloud Braxton situation.  I knew    
that Bob was well aware that Cloud and Mark Pena were one   
and the same. I also knew that Bob was such a good and loyal
friend that he was willing to play along, most likely to    
keep Pena from completely going over the edge.              
   I, on the other hand, had become completely revolted with
the hypocricy that Pena was displaying. He claimed he had   
this pact with God, yet had no problem lying to everyone    
using this Cloud Braxton persona. What else was he capable, 
I wondered?                                                 
  So I decided to test this pact myself. I shot off a post  
talking about Cloud and Mark being the same. Many joined in 
on the attack. For the most part Markie seemed to remain    
unruffled by people finally speaking the truth about his    
alter ego. He sent a terse note claiming that Cloud was a   
friend of his who he had loaned his E ID  to and that he    
hoped I would leave her out of any squabbles.               
   Cloud "herself" repsonded with a few posts that dripped  
with outrage. Still that little voice was going off in my   
head about this one.                                        
   I found myself moving away from Bob's posts and scanned  
to see if Gina was online. The screen flashed up with a list
of her subjects. And as I flipped through the notes my mouth
dropped. There, in the early morning hours, with my head    
still spinning from the Kirin, I watched the first cat fight
I'd seen in twenty years.                                   
  From the moment I realized what was going on I knew who   
would win. Apparently Pena realized he had to dump the     
Cloud persona. Things were getting a little too hot for     
him/her. So he decided to stage a fight online and dump her.
   What happened was this: Afte a number of highly          
provocative exchanges between Bob Miller and Cloud, Gina    
mentioned that Bob was married. Cloud became upset and went 
on the attack. Gina came back with a sharp exchange that   
had something to do with Cloud and sailors, the exact       
words somehow escape me at the moment. Suddenly, in the     
midst of this, there was Pena.                              
   "Hey," he said to Cloud. "I told you not to fight with my
   Then he said to Gina, "Why is it you can't get along with
other babes?"                                               
   At this point, knowing Gina is Italian, I suspected her  
fist was probably sticking through her computer monitor.    
   But then the fight turned back between Pena and Cloud.   
   "Maybe we should put an end to this thing right now!" she
said.                       (Next Up: The Wrath of Pena)

NUMBER 5:                                                   
   The fight raged on into the night. Pena and Cloud,       
exchangine notes. It had been going on now for an hour. But 
lately the notes were between Cloud and Mark Pena. In my    
mind I imagined how it must look with Mark banging away at  
the keyboard a note to Cloud, then slipping into the Cloud  
character and writing back to himself. But where was Gina? I
scanned for recent notes. Nothing! Had she bowed out after  
that last exchange? I doubted it. But where was she!        
Suddenly a new message from Cloud. I flashed it up on the   
screen.   Cloud said how hurt she was that Mark was picking
Gina over her. And then 'she' said, "Maybe we should just   
stop this charade right now?" In my mind it seemed only a   
second or two, although I know it must have been more, but  
there, hitting with the power of a Tyson left-hook came Gina
with a very terse note: "Yes," she said. "Why don't you stop
this charade."                                              
Suddenly the world stopped. I sat back in my chair and      
exhaled a long slow breath.  And I knew that with one short 
sentence, Gina had done what I in post after post had been  
unable to do.                                               
   She had destroyed Cloud... and began the downfall of     
  It wasn't long before the threats came. I guess I had      
always expected it, yet when Gina told me about it I still  
felt surprise. Gina said the email had been rambling and    
frightening and that she was concerned for her safety. That 
he claimed to know where she lived and a number of other    
personal items, although some of them quite wrong.          
   Well, that was it. Time to advise strong action. I wrote 
Gina that she had a number of options. At this point I was  
convinced the DA needed to be alerted. California has       
strengthened its stalking laws and I felt they could be put 
to good use in this case. So I advised her to call the     
Orange County DA's office and notify them, along with       
Prodigy, and to also write a note to Pena telling him in no 
uncertain terms to leave her alone.                         
   After I wrote that message to Gina I kept checking my    
mail every few hours. What were we dealing with here? I     
asked myself. After all, what did I know about this guy,    
except he hadn't gone to the University of Texas -- a fact  
I'd uncovered the previous year when Mark claimed to be a   
law student at the school.                                  
   Very little, was the response to my question. Was this   
guy 16 or 36?  Had he had psychiatric care? Did he have a   
police record?  All the things you never considers when you 
enter into an electroinic exchange on a nationwide bulletin 
board. There is always the false sense of detatchment       
because in one sense you are isolated by distance from the  
receiver of your post. But that sense of security is a      
false one.                                                  
   But the world got brighter.  I received a message from   
Gina that she'd written Pena a "note from hell", and he'd   
completely backed off. She seemed completely relieved and   
lightened in spirit. And I was glad for her. But I was still
wondering about Pena and what he might do now.              
   It turns out I didn't have to wait long to find out.     
(Next Up: And Then There Was Nate!! You won't want to miss  
this one!)                                                  

NUMBER 6:                                                   
   And then there was Nate.                                 
   Nathan Pelleur made his appearance quickly. Only one     
post. But it proved to be a fateful one. Nathan, known as   
Nate to some, had a very interesting ID. Nate's ID was      
RKNX09B. Mark's ID was RKNX09A. And on that fateful post he 
signed off GFF -- our little general! After that post Mark   
openly admitted that he had posted under that fake ID. He   
claimed that Nate had at one time been his roommate but that
Nate had moved out.                                         
   An explanation, to be sure. But to many who knew Mark's  
past, one that was looked upon with great scepticism.       
   By this time the pact with God was dissolving. Markie was
back to his same acidic posts. He never mentioned his       
mother's illness, and any time I asked about Cloud he didn't
   Then one night while sifting through the sea of posts,   
there was one that caught my eye. It said "Reach out and    
Beat Someone!" followed by Mark Pena's address and home     
phone number.  It was signed "The Anti-Rush".               
   And I knew Jerry Vasilatos was back.                               
   But what was interesting also about that post besides its
ruthless cleverness, was the phone number. It had only been 
a few days before that that I had called directory          
information and found a Mark G. Pena listed in Austin with  
the same number that was on the post. Could Mark have a     
listed number? I found that hard to imagine considering the 
great number of people he'd riled over the year and a half  
he'd been on the board. Still, you never know.              
   The "Reach out and beat someone" post only lasted a few  
hours and was quickly pulled by the P* police. But with that
post I knew I had a strong ally.                            
  But something funny was happening. Cloud was gone. Nate   
had only made that one appearance. And Mark was             
conspicuously absent for long periods of time. By now people
were starting to make their preperations for the July rate  
increase and I assumed he was on Sierra getting used to the 
  About two weeks later I saw a note from Mary McCullough,
better known as MMM. Mary and I had exchanged a number of notes
over the month or so that I'd been back and I knew there was no      
loveloss between she and Mark.  In her note she mentioned   
our little Markie on the Health & Lifestyles board posting  
under the name Nathan Pelleur I.                            
   Quickly I jumped over and scanned for Mark. Nothing. Then
for his B ID.  The screen lit up with row after row of      
subjects. Forty, Fifty posts a day. And the topics!         
Masturbation, oral sex. And Nate was talking about how he   
was by profession a stripper at a club called Dante's in    
Austin. And oh how the young girls swooned. Talking about   
G-strings and bikini briefs. His mother must be running     
marathons now, I thought. Because this busts his pact with  
God wide open. And was he still attending Mass twice a week?
   And yet there was more. Cloud was there, too. She had    
apparently been developing a relationship this poor fellow  
who was quite deceived.                                     
   I've gotta let people know, I said, staggering back home 
to the Arts Club. I was still doubled over with laughter    
when I started a subject called "Wanna Laugh?"              
   Little did I know that it would soon lead to us having   
the last laugh.                                             
                                (NEXT UP: NATE'S KELLY)
NUMBER 7:                                                   
    At first there were only a few of us on the H&L board.  
But we quickly got the word around about Nate.              
   Surprisingly though, the response from most was 'so      
what?' I shook my head in disbelief. Here was a group of   
people apparently exchanging phone numbers and addresses and
in their midst was Mark. Jerry started posting along with  
Mike, Nitzi, Cindia and others. But somehow Nate remained   
believable to many. One person in particular was Kelly     
Meadows. I quickly noticed the attention our Nate was paying
Kelly. She was obviously someone who found Nate's story of  
stripping a fascinating one. If she only knew, I though.    
So I fired off some email. But what I got back was literally
a note of disbelief. Could I blame her? But then others     
started posting, yet Nate always seemed to come up with an  
excuse to cover his tracks.                                 
   Somehow he seemed to many on this new board far more     
believable with his talk of g-strings and massages than     
those of us from the Arts BB.  In fact, we seemed down right
out of place.                                               
   Jerry Vasi was hitting hard at Nate and Kelly. Because as
the attacks on Nate started Kelly defended him and put      
herself in the verbal line of fire.                         
   Nate continued to deny. He claimed victory! He boasted   
about his stripping. He claimed to go to the gym. And he    
claimed to have some loyal people who believed him.         
   About this time we got the note from Ali.  Ali had       
befriended Nate. He approached her claiming he thought he   
knew her from the past. However, the same pattern that      
Mark had run on Gina started to surface. The more Ali backed
away, the stronger Nate came on.  The good news was that Ali
had managed to get Nate out of her life. The bad news was   
that a pattern of increasing harrassment of women was       
   But still Nate had Kelly. And there didn't appear to be  
any way to convince Kelly and others who backed up Nate that
he was what we were saying he was. We'd reached the end of  
the road.                                                   
   Until the Anti-Rush, Jer, posted that he had sent copies 
of Nate's posts to Mark's employer. But wait, Mark's        
employer might just be Dante's. So I quickly pounded out    
some email to Jerry and then called Dante's.                
   Dante's sounded noisy. Still, when I got someone on the  
phone I said I wanted to talk to someone about an employee. 
I was transferred to a guy named Dave.                      
   "Hello, I said. Will Nate be in tonight?" I asked.       
   "Nate, or maybe Nathan. His last name is Pelleur?"       
   "There's no one by that name here," Dave said.           
   "Hmm, ok, thanks." But then, before Dave hung up I said, 
   "What about Mark?"                                       
   "Mark will be in tonight at 11pm to start his shift"     
   "That's Mark Pena, right?"                               
   "Yup," said Dave.                                        
   "Thank yeeeeeeew!"                                       
   I quickly emailed Jerry about my findings. He was        
ecstatic. Then I posted what I'd found out. Cindia called   
and was told that Mark was there but was very busy. Jerry   
called and actually had Mark come to the phone.             
   We had found our man and real proof that Mark was not    
only in Texas, but there was no Nate.                       
                           (NEXT UP: The Rest of The Story) 

NUMBER 8:                                                   
   Cindia, Jerry and I all had called. Still it was our     
words agains a well built stripper from Dante's.  Kelly     
still didn't quite believe us.  When I found out about      
Dante's I thought that was the home run. Instead, Nate threw
up smoke and excuses. We had only hit a double. He           
challenged, he dared. We weren't there. Yet.
   Finally I told Jer that I might know of a way someone in     
Austin can help us. Jerry was for the idea.  The next       
morning at 7:00am L.A. time I was on the phone to Ken. He   
greeted me with his pleasant Texas drawl and listened       
patiently while I explained the situation. After explaining 
I didn't know if he was going to laugh at me or hang up.    
Instead he said he could help and directed me to two        
articles concerning these kinds of problems. One in         
particular caught my attention: "Lurkers and Flamers".      
I didn't know what a flamer was, but it didn't sound good.  
Ken said he'd do some checking and get back to me. I felt   
pretty good. Ken hadn't laughed. In fact he seemed to agree 
with the potential dangers involved. When I looked up the   
day was over and I hadn't heard from Ken. I started         
wondering if I had been put on low priority.                
   The following morning I was on the phone to Ken. He      
greeted me warmly, then I heard him shuffling papers. Within
minutes he was rattling off all kinds of information about  
Mark G. Pena. Birth Date, Social Security Number, his mother
and father's name. Who owned the house on Finley. What his  
father did for a living. It was so much more than I wanted I
felt guilty about it all.  And he went on to say that there 
was absolutely no Nathan Pelleur that he could find in the  
state of Texas. No drivers liscense, no nothing. But that   
still left the question open: Was there a Nathan Pelleur who
was living at the house on Finley that had managed to escape
somehow the numbers and papers that are attatched to our    
lives as we go through it? Ken couldn't answer that. But the
telephone company could. I had the name of Mark's mother   
and Father. What if they too had a listed number in Austin?
I dialed directory information. Yes, there was a listing!   
But could the operator tell me what address the number went 
to? Yes again. It went to the Finley Ave. address. The same 
address that Nathan Pelleur's phone was listed to. So that  
ment either Nathan was living with Mark's mom and/or dad, or
Nathan was living there by himself and the phone for some   
reason had been left in tact. That explanation was possible,
but remote.  Still I needed to tie down every angle I could.
I dialed Mr. & Mrs. Pena's telephone number.                
   The phone rang three times. Then the answering machine   
came on. The recording was that of a pleasant sounding woman
apologizing that no one at the Pena residence was home right
now to take my call. I hung up.  We were almost there.      
   But there was still one question left: Was Mark living   
there or Nate or Both?                                      
(Next Time: Mark's Mom Tells All!! Don't you dare miss      

NUMBER 9:                                                   
   "Mrs. Pena, my name is Jim Dolce. I'm calling from       
California. I'd like to talk to you about Mark."            
   That's how I began the conversation. Even as I spoke     
those words to the woman on the other end of the line I     
wasn't sure I should be saying them. I didn't want to invade
these peoples lives! Here I was a complete stranger, calling
this woman at what probably had been a hard day at work.    
   "Yes," she replied in a pleasant but tired voice.        
   After that it just came pouring out of me. About Prodigy,
Mark, Nathan, her 'illness'.  One quarter into the call we  
were laughing and talking. What a wonderful sense of humor  
this woman seemed to have.  Could this really be Mark's     
mother? Without a doubt. And like most mothers, she had no  
idea. Now to the facts:                                     
   Mark is twenty-five years old. Lives with his mom and    
dad. Is no stripper. To quote Mrs. Pena, "He doesn't have   
the build for it." But the best news of all is that Mrs.    
Pena has no life-threatening diseases. In other words the   
breast cancer lie was just that.                            
They do love San Francisco. And that explains Marks repeated
references to the city.                                     
   No Stanford. No U of T. No stripping.  No mass murderer. 
   Just a lonely, rolly-polly kid.  When I hung up I was    
greatly releaved. I called Jerry and told him the whole     
story. Then I called Cindia and relayed much of this to her.
Finally I called Kelly. She really is a charming young      
   And so my friends that is almost the complete story.  I  
have called Mark's number three times trying to talk to him 
calmly about this.  He won't pick up the phone.  He's sent  
me email with the most incredible story as to why his mother
said what she said. Perhaps I'll post it. "Nate" wrote me   
this evening claiming his father is having a trace put on   
his phone because he's been getting crank calls.            
   I've urged him to communicate with me so that we can     
rationally discuss this. I've urged him to come back to the 
boards and face the music, explaining that I believe that   
could indeed save his self respect -- something I sadly     
believe he needs.  So far, all of this to no avail.         
   Again thanks to everyone who helped bring this to what I 
consider a happy ending. Phil and Gina will be married and  
have many beautiful children. Mary will go on to sell her   
novel and make a real mark -- no pun intended -- for herself
in the world of literature. Bob Miller already has a beer   
named after him. And Mark? I'm convinced he will be         
President of the United States one day.                     
   Good Night All ... and sweet dreams...                   

================ Appendix 1 ===============================

To:                ALL                   Date:    12/07/93
From:   VRKG83A    JERRY VASILATOS       Time:     1:40 AM

FROM JAMES DOLCE-                                           
   Here's the "explanation" about my conversation with his  
mother. Just remember, nobody new I even had their number,  
much less that I would call.                                
                          READ A MESSAGE                    
FROM:      NATHAN PELLUER I            (RKNX09B)            
SUBJECT:   KELLY'S CLOSET                                   
                                      06/22 07:51PM ET      
    Sorry guy butta' you've been had. In                    
  order to end the phone calls and what                     
  not the lady simply told you what you                     
  wanted to hear.                                           
    Feel free to believe what you will,                     
  but I'm warning you that unless the                       
  threats, calls, and what not end I will                   
  be forced into legal action- /\\                          
                 Regards,        \                          
                   Nate           \                         
                                    (Yeah, what else is new?
P.S. It should be noted I have never threatened or harrassed
Mark or anyone else. I made one call to his mother and three
or maybe even four to his number. Each time I called him I  
was polite. I said I wanted to talked to him about this.    
Certainly my phone calls where no where near as harrassing  
as his to Ali.                                              
PSS Nate talking to his mom - "Now look, Mom, if Jim Dolce  
or Jerry Vasi or Cindia or Chuckles the Clown calls, you    
just tell them I'm a complete loosssaaa. Yeah. That's the   
ticket, mom. That'll get em off my back."                   

=============== Appendix 2 ================================
From James Dolce:

Good Morning.                                               
       I think I need to clarify and add a few points about 
what I found out about our friend Mark/Nate.  Understand    
that I was trying to be sensitive to his family and at the  
same time not strike such a harsh tone that the notes would 
be pulled within a few hours.                               
   But in looking at some posts it seems there still is some
confusion about Dante's and a few other things, so let me   
summarize as best I can.                                    
There just ain't no Nate. When I talked to his mom I asked  
if she knew a Nathen Pelleur. No was the answer. Had anyone 
by that name ever lived there. No was the answer.           
I asked if Mark might have a friend named Nathan Pelleur.   
She'd never heard of the guy. No one has. There is no record
anyone can find in Texas of a Nathan Pelleur.               
The guy doesn't exist.  It's just a name that Mark made up. 
As far as Dante's goes he's probably bussing tables. There  
is no big mystery there.                                    
Mrs. Pena also told me about some strange mail that they'd  
gotten. One letter addressed to "God Almighty", and an      
unexplained Prodigy Bill for an account that she didn't know
anything about. (no real surprise to us) But, according to  
her, they got that straightened out.                        
The whole stripper angle was a joke.  When I brought it     
up she laughed.                                             
As far as "getting us off his back", if Mrs. Pena said when 
I called, "Nate, sure. He rooms with us. Our son Mark, used 
to be his roommate," Don't you think that would have taken  
the pressure off?                                           
Anyone who proposes that this was a set-up needs to take    
another valium. There were a thousand things she could have 
said besides, "I've never heard of Nathan Pelleur."         
   There are probably many things I've left out. Feel free  
to ask me anything.  The only thing I don't want to get into
are his Mother and Father's names. I'm convinced they had no
idea what was going on.                                     
   Mark was just an immature twenty-five year old who       
probably never had anyone pay any attention to him.  He's   
probably gotten more attention from this board than any     
other place in his life.                                    
   Clearly the lies about his mother's health and the way he
attempted to manipulate the emotions of people for his      
own gain was reprehensible. In my view it was unforgivable. 
The false bravado, the lies about his stripping, his work   
outs (yeah, he used to tell Kelly he was off to the gym),   
his promises to these women to come and meet them, the phony
pictures he would send them -- It all came back to hit him  
 06/24 09:08 am  JD in Diamond Bar, CA                      

===============   Note    12              =================

Board:      ARTS BB           
Topic:      RUSH LIMBAUGH       
Subject:    PENA SAGA RETOLD    

To:                ALL                   Date:    12/07
From:   VRKG83A    JERRY VASILATOS       Time:     1:45 AM

    I think that about clears things up.  Your fatigue      
wasn't as evident as you say, but I knew you would probably 
need to summarize and present a final conclusion.  Proposing
that Mark received more attention thru *P than anywhere else
might be very accurate -- at the very least, he would make a
terrific study.  Personally, I'm glad that you did this on  
many levels.  Even if he is an insecure, attention-needing, 
busboy with low self-esteem covered by false pride,         
self-aggrandizement, and a whopping lot of puffery, this    
25-year old should be acting more like an adult.  We could  
all get into an argument about who isolates the most behind 
their screens, and why, but that isn't the point here.  Mark
had to be exposed (not as in "Dante's-type of exposure")    
because he was luring in unsuspecting women and frightening 
some of them with his persistence.                          
    Many of us spend a great deal of time on these          
interactive services.  Personally, I've forged some new     
friendships that go beyond the boundaries of electronic     
communication and repartee.  We've exchanged addresses,     
phone numbers, personal histories, photos, etc., and I've   
come to believe that a great many people are basically nice.
I've enjoyed making some new friends here, and I'm sure many
others feel the same way.                                   
    Mark, on the other hand, never (to my knowledge) made   
any REAL friends electronically which would then transfer to
phone and personal visits because he created a persona that 
was so fake, he couldn't let anyone really get to know him  
or they'd realize quickly that he wasn't who or what he said
he was.                                                     
   This I find particularly sad.  When I spoke to Mark on   
the phone in April (same voice as Nathan's, for those of you
who were brain-dead through all of this), he was quite      
opinionated and immature, but at the same time I sensed a   
sadness.  At the time I didn't understand why I was sensing 
that -- especially from someone who seemed to be having so  
much fun in life.  Now I understand it.  I wish Mark could  
accept himself for who he is, get some counseling if that   
would help him to get off his butt and make something of    
himself that he could geniunely be proud of, become more    
tolerant of differing ideas and opinions, lose his          
Napoleonic traits.... in essence, just "find" himself, deal 
with it, and move on.                                       
    The word "pathological" is one which should be used with
extreme caution as is relates to Mark's lying.  I'm not     
convinced that he's a pathological liar. Perhaps he's simply
a boy who hasn't grown up yet, is still sheltered by his    
parents and is unhappy with his situation, his looks, his   
    In any event, it's my hope that he'll seek out and      
receive the help he needs.  Maybe by the time he's 30, he   
won't have to hide behind false personas.  Unfortunately, if
what I heard is true, the Sierra Network encourages the use 
of phony names.... reason enough for me to assume that every
"Mark" with a modem will be there, and reason enough for me 
to avoid it.                                                
     Thanks for your short-term hard work.  I'm glad Leee   
revived you from *P dust.  I'm glad you were able to see the
need to expose him, had the resources to do it, and were    
willing to share your time in so doing.  Now, I hope you'll 
stick around here a while..............                     

===============   Note    13              =================

Board:      ARTS BB           
Topic:      RUSH LIMBAUGH       
Subject:    PENA SAGA RETOLD    

To:                ALL                   Date:    12/07
From:   VRKG83A    JERRY VASILATOS       Time:     1:45 AM

JD...The question that keeps coming to mind is why did you  
go to all this trouble? Did Mark harm you in some way?      
Unless I've missed something along the way, he was just a   
smart-a88ed guy who did a lot of boasting on the bb. He may 
have, probably did, created several phony identities,       
engaged in some macho blustering and all that but why did   
you feel obliged to go to this extent to discredit him and  
spend the time and effort, albeit a well written one, to put
this story out? Believe me, I am not being accusatory but I 
could never get so involved with a computer bb to carry     
things this far and I wonder why you were so motivated? I'm 
also confused as to why so many members seem to have        
encouraged you to carry out this effort? If it were just a  
lot of teasing etc back and forth that's one thing, but this
seems to have been a serious effort at remote psychoanalysis
coupled with a lot of vengeance. Obviously I don't know the 
details of what harm or threat Mark posed to all involved.  
I'd welcome hearing it all if you are so inclined.  Ralph   

===============   Note    14              =================

Board:      ARTS BB           
Topic:      RUSH LIMBAUGH       
Subject:    PENA SAGA RETOLD    

To:                ALL                   Date:    12/07
From:   VRKG83A    JERRY VASILATOS       Time:     1:45 AM

    I think it had to do with something that was implicit in
your note. That is, that it was only a BB and he didn't pose
a threat to anyone. I and others weren't convinced of that. 
There was evidence that he could lure unsuspecting women    
into phone numbers and addresses. And there was evidence    
that he would take desperate measures to keep the lines of  
communication open when these women tried to break it off.  
I felt the probability was that he would turn out to be     
exactly what we is. But the possibility of him being        
dangerous was enough to move forward and find out.          
Something else that contributed I think was Prodigy.  I     
don't know whether they were aware of the situation with his
Nate ID or not. But it seems to me that they should have    
been and taken steps quickly. Hoever, as we've seen, P* can 
be very selective when enforcing it's guidelines. And that  
apparent arbitrary quality led me to doubt whether they     
would ever take action. In fact, it is only now that a few  
of us have received notes from a P* rep indicating that they
are looking into the matter.  That kind of response time is 
just not acceptable.  And, in fact, the arbitrary way in    
which P* enforces guidelines helps enbraven people like Mark
to push the envelope. It is a little late, but P* needs to  
come up with a way of preventing the malicious use of fake  
IDs.  None of this would have happened if Mark had not so   
easily been able to hide behind the Cloud Braxton/Nathan    
    I don't know how they can do it, but something needs to 
be done.                                                    
 06/24 10:58 am  JD in Diamond Bar, CA                      

===============   Note    15              =================

Board:      ARTS BB           
Topic:      RUSH LIMBAUGH       
Subject:    PENA SAGA RETOLD    

To:                ALL                   Date:    12/07
From:   VRKG83A    JERRY VASILATOS       Time:     1:45 AM

From: MARK PENA          (RKNX09A)                          
To:   PATTI HAJDUK   (NRBN10A)                              
Subject: WELCOME & ENJOY!                                   
Sent on: 03/19 at 02:22 AM                                  
   I just wanted to take this time to welcome you to        
the boards and to "officially" introduce myself. As         
you've probably heard by now I'm quite the topic of         
conversations. So this letter is also a defense of          
   I'll be honest with you. I'm very right-wing and         
very argumentative. I hold my beliefs very dearly and       
I'll defend them whenever they are questioned. This         
fact makes me one of the more controversial members         
around. Either you love me or you hate me, very             
few people are in the middle. I'm sure you've heard         
GREAT things about me and HORRIBLE things about me,         
such is the risk one runs for being a passionate            
  Anyway, even though I'll debate anyone to the             
proverbial death, and at times I go for blood, I'm          
also a nice, funny, and caring guy who separates the        
person from their politics. So please make-up your          
OWN mind about me, and don't allow others to paint          
me in a bad light.                                          
  I'm conservative, but I'm not a Puritan prude by          
any stretch of the imagination. The following               
information is known by only Gina and Karrie, so            
please keep it secret o-tay? Don't make me regret           
confiding in you.                                           
  I'm 19 years old and I'm working my way through           
school as a stripper. Shocked? I assure you that            
it wasn't my first choice for employment, but after         
getting turned down for jobs in radio, and after            
getting sick of working as a waiter I started               
stripping. I make GREAT money, I have a blast, and          
it gives me a flexible schedule in which to work            
around. I thought I might get a job last week with          
a conservative think tank, but alas I didn't get    it looks as if yours truly will be taking          
it off for a lil' longer tee-hee!                           
   I'm going to a Jr. College, and I'll be trans-           
ferring to the University of Texas in the summer.           
I hope to get a degree in government, and then go           
on to law school. God only knows if I'll succeed.           
   I have short black hair, green eyes, I'm 6'2",           
and I weigh 182. The only reason I tell you this is         
because I thought knowing something about me might          
make you feel more comfortable around me.                   

===============   Reply    1 of Note   15 =================

Board:      ARTS BB           
Topic:      RUSH LIMBAUGH       
Subject:    PENA SAGA RETOLD    

To:     VRKG83A    JERRY VASILATOS       Date:    12/07
From:   AFWU50A    KENNETH MILKS         Time:     3:45 AM

          ..THAT was one hellofa 4 star saga.               
Good even won in the end.  There is an uncomfortable lesson 
here for all of us in your story. I waste about 2 hrs a day 
on this BB, I'm beginning to wonder why.  I'm beginning to  
wonder if I really want an answer.  Why is this fun anyway?