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Client 9 the Job Killer is finally reaping what he has sown

Even though I no longer live in New York, I was concerned about the atrocities that the slimeball Eliot Spitzer imposed upon the poor citizens of New York during his disastrous tenure as NY Governor. Listed here are some commentaries I've had published in 2007-2008 concerning Spitzer:

Submitted by Thomas D. Clarke, Dec 1, 2007 14:30 (NY Sun)

On Day 1, everything changed. Instead of getting an increasingly inept Republican governor (Pataki), 70% of New Yorkers (I was not one of them), elected Spitzer into office. Somehow, they were conned into thinking Spitzer would be a reformer and a fiscal conservative. Never mind the fact that the greatest threats to reform and fiscal responsibility (i.e. the Democratic Assembly) were the biggest supporters of Spitzer to begin with. And of course no one knew or cared that in Spitzer's previous job (Attorney General), he did more to chase jobs out of New York than anyone not employed by Al Qaida. His actions against Marsh and McClellan alone (6000+ jobs destroyed in a lawsuit Spitzer filed and lost while prosecuting) should have disqualified him from being governor.
And now, his attempted (but so far unsuccessful) achievements as governor include:
Trying to force Catholic and other pro-life health care providers to perform abortions
Pay raises for the most dysfunctional legislature in the United States
Increased taxes in the most taxed state after campaigning against tax hikes in 2006
Allowing non-legal residents of New York to have official NY Drivers' Licenses (for some reason, this is the only Spitzer atrocity that has elicited outrage outside the Northeast)
At the very least, Spitzer and his cronies in the state legislature should be impeached or recalled. Ideally, the state Constitution should be amended or re-written to where reforms are enacted, the legislature is pared to one chamber (similar to Nebraska's unicameral legislature- this restructuring alone could save NY billions in taxpayer money), and a clear statewide recall statute which if enacted could prevent Spitzer, Shelly Silver, and other snake oil lawmakers from ruining the state further.
Also, I am of the strong opinion that Spitzer and the state legislature should be forced to take a 40-70 percent pay cut.

E-mail to Lou Dobbs at CNN, December 1, 2007:

As a longtime resident of New York who recently moved to Colorado, I am intrigued by Lou Dobbs's comments on my former state's atrocious governor Eliot Spitzer. Spitzer lied about his record as attorney general (and how many jobs he destroyed as part of his politically motivated anti-Wall Street crusades), and lied about being a reformer and a tax cutting "fiscal conservative". In 2006, I was one of the few (29%) of NY voters who was not conned by his bovine excrement. And while his crackpot scheme to allow people not in the US legally to obtain NY Driver's Licenses failed, he is still doing a lot of harm to my former home. He pushed through increased state spending (mostly to his pet projects- just like he did when he was Attorney General) and is now flip-flopping on his promise not to raise taxes- in the most overtaxed state in the Union. He has brought Albany corruption to a new low by using state troopers to spy on his biggest political rival (Senate Leader Joe Bruno, who is no saint himself). And Spitzer has declared war on New York's largest religious group by trying to force Catholic health insurers to pay for abortion and by attempting to decertify any Catholic-run hospital that refuses on moral grounds to perform abortions.
Eliot Spitzer is not fit to be Governor of New York. He should resign. The right-wing talk shows and blogosphere should not be the only ones bringing the atrocities Spitzer has wrought upon New York to light. And the illegal drivers' license scheme is not even the worst thing Spitzer has done. Spitzer is not an idiot. He is far worse.

Spitzercare?! (New York Sun)
Submitted by Thomas D. Clarke, Dec 29, 2007 14:19
If Spitzer's views on regulating health care are in any way similar to his over-regulation of Wall Street, then NY health care will get much, much worse. Already, he has thought it was a good idea to force Catholic and religious hospitals to perform abortions or else lose their licenses to practice medicine.
The health care system is broken, but Spitzer is the last person who should have a say in how to fix it. The sooner this turkey is out of office, the better New York and the nation will be.

The "Reformer" Eliot Spitzer: about as clean as a weasel with diarrhea
Posted by Thomas D. Clarke on Monday, March 10, 2008 6:24:00 PM (from My blog)

My least favorite politician Eliot Spitzer is at it again.

It is bad enough he destroyed thousands of jobs in New York when he was attorney general. It is bad enough the businesses he sued and settled with donated money to charities that either supported his gubernatorial bid or were run by his relatives. It is bad enough he thought it was a good idea to give drivers' licenses to people not in his state legally. It is bad enough he is so radically pro-infanticide that he thinks all health care providers (especially those opposed to abortion) should either provide abortions or not be allowed to practice medicine. It is bad enough that he used the New York State Police to snoop on his political rival State Senate Leader Joe Bruno. It is bad enough that he thinks the most corrupt and overpaid state legislature in the country deserves a pay raise.

Now Spitzer is laundering money to pay for high class hookers. Spitzer (or Client 9, as he is referred to in the joint IRS/FBI investigation), cheated on his wife, and used an illegal money laundering scheme to pay for his mistress. Last time I checked, using the services of a prostitute was still illegal in New York. Last time I checked, laundering money to fund illegal activity was a federal offense (which is how the IRS first got involved). The more one learns about the real Eliot Spitzer, the more one finds out he is about as clean as a weasel with diarrhea. If Eliot Spitzer doesn't resign soon, the legislature should begin impeachment proceedings pronto. But given the recent history of slimeball politicians in the state, it might take a federal conviction to get him out of office.

Spitzer video from CBS News

I feel vindicated because now nearly everyone in America knows what a scumbag Spitzer is and there is no way he can further his political career (or stay a free man for much longer) after this latest scandal. But it is sad that he still got elected governor and that he did so much damage to my longtime home of New York. The Hildabeest is almost as corrupt as Spitzer. Before one thinks of electing her President, one should realize that if she is elected President, she will have a scandal that will result in calls for her resignation or impeachment. Does the United States really need another Clinton impeachment circus? Can the United States afford a Presidency that will closely resemble Spitzer's 15 months as Governor of New York?

Spitzer has always been a fraud. His actions as attorney general (20000+ jobs sued out of business and those that settled being forced to pay his cronies) should have disqualified him from being governor. He has done more to embarrass the state than even its corrupt legislature. And now he's laundering state funds to pay for hookers?

This slimeball should never have been elected. The sooner he resigns, the better New York will end up.

Posted by netscaper113 at 06:33 PM EDT : Mar 10, 2008

Just in case Client 9 is reading this...
Posted by Thomas D. Clarke on Monday, March 10, 2008 8:22:00 PM (from My blog and and a few other sites)

It's about time Eliot (formerly "Job Killer" but now "Client 9") Spitzer leaves office. I personally don't think Hookergate is the worst thing he has done, but if that is what finally removes him from office, so be it.

Spitzer should apologize to far more than just his wife for the atrocities he has committed.

He should apologize to the thousands of former employees of NYRA (not just former seasonal workers like me) and Marsh and McClellan whose jobs he destroyed during his politically motivated investigations when he was attorney general.

He should apologize to the millions of taxpayers who have to pay higher taxes because of his agreeing to give New York's overpaid legislature a pay raise.

He should apologize to the millions of New York Catholics whose faith based health care facilities he tried to drive out of business with his abortion policies.

He should apologize to the State Police for illegally using them to snoop on State Senate Leader Joe Bruno.

He should apologize to Joe Bruno for illegally using the state police in an attempt to smear him.

He should apologize to all the immigrants in New York (both illegal and legal) for using them as political pawns with his drivers' license scheme.

He should apologize to the state's Democrats for the damage he has done (and will do for years to come) to that party.

And Client 9 should apologize to every New Yorker for making this state the biggest laughingstock in the nation.

The sooner he is out of office, the better off New York will be.

And to those who claim I'm beating up on a dead horse, that horse ain't dead yet.. as of 10:22PM EDT/8:22PM MDT, he's still in the governor's mansion and not yet sharing a jail cell with Big Bubba and the Booty Bandit.

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