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From: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) 5/15/2000 10:29 am To: sfclarke (1 of 64) 95.1 You know you should try to post here. You certainly couldn't be more embarassing than certain Excelsiorites or Steve. your brother From: sfclarke 5/15/2000 12:36 pm To: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) (2 of 64) 95.2 in reply to 95.1 Ok here you go.You know every one of these new and improved ways of chatting gets more and more complicated.!!!!!!!! I am but a simple country redneck girl.So HELP ME!!!!!!!! From: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) 5/15/2000 1:32 pm To: sfclarke unread (3 of 64) 95.3 in reply to 95.2 I don't know too many rednecks with computers. Come to think of it, I don't know too many rednecks with brothers who live in New York City. You know, Dad set up something similar to this bulletin board 15 years ago. It was pretty much restricted to his international friends and some computer geeks from Memphis. Too bad a certain person on this forum sent me a computer virus that wiped out the computer that had those saved posts of Dad's. I'm sure he's turning over in his grave as we speak. your brother From: sfclarke 5/17/2000 11:19 pm To: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) (4 of 64) 95.4 in reply to 95.3 To bad that I don't live up ther to get my hands on the preson who wiped out the only remaining things we had left of daddy, but then again they can rot in hell. As far as me being a redneck, I am guilty as charged and damn proud of it!! That is what keeps me alive. As a bartender I have to be able to defend myself against the scum of the earth. By the way who all reads this? From: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) 5/18/2000 11:31 am To: sfclarke unread (5 of 64) 95.5 in reply to 95.4 Not too many people... I made this a private board after the harassment brigade in December. When you log in, you should be able to view who visited- member visits are usually listed below the message subjects. Some active members include an old friend from Kentucky who is now exiled in Japan, two ladies who used to write for the Brooklyn College press, and a stalker or two. As far as bartending, you should check to see if any other members of the Clarke/Stokes/O'Cleary families were involved in your line of work. So far, it seems the family business was sales, and I'm no salesman. But they do have a large market for Irish bartenders in this town. your brother PS- ALL STALKERS: my sister's last name hasn't been Clarke since 1994 . I'm not giving out her real name here, and even if you figure out what it is, she does own a firearm and she's probably as good at using it as I am. From: sfclarke 5/18/2000 6:24 pm To: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) (6 of 64) 95.6 in reply to 95.5 Well I can honestly say that I am as worried about having someone stalk me as I am about getting prostate cancer. I'M NOT! So how goes everything else in your life? Me,I'm ok I guess. Well not too much to say for today. Bye From: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) 5/19/2000 1:52 pm To: sfclarke (7 of 64) 95.7 in reply to 95.6 I'm the one who should be worried about prostate cancer- there seems to be an epidemic of it here in New York! (Just ask our mayor and police commisioner.) I think the stalkers are trying to start something on this forum- the first 3 times I tried to log on here today, it kept sending me to some website called If they give you trouble, give them the following residential address: 5344 Walnut Grove Road, Memphis, TN 38120 I think when they contact the people at that address, they won't mess with you. your brother From: sfclarke 5/25/2000 4:24 pm To: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) (8 of 64) 95.8 in reply to 95.7 hey , i anm truely not too worried about it. i was going to send you some pictures of the kids but i am unsure of the correct e-mail address to send it too. also i heard from uncle dick, he said the relatives in chambersburg said they didn't know you e-mail address and haven't heard from you which is a big fat lie but then again what else is new. well more later From: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) 5/30/2000 11:19 am To: sfclarke unread (9 of 64) 95.9 in reply to 95.8 The only relatives I've talked to over the last two years were Aunt Nancy, Uncle Rodger, and Aunt Sally. I tried e-mailing Uncle Rony last year but he never replied back. As far as Uncle Dick, I don't think anyone knows his current e-mail address because he changes it so often. But then only Aunt Nancy and Uncle Rodger (out of all the relatives on the Faith and Stokes sides of the family) sent me a Christmas card, and that arrived in January because they mailed it to Brooklyn. Imagine the shock if these relatives knew I moved in March 1999 and am moving again in June 2000, or if they had any idea what my career plans are at this point. Although, I think this forum, and some of the guests, would scare the hell out of most of my relatives..... your brother Forum Host From: sfclarke 5/31/2000 12:46 am To: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) (10 of 64) 95.10 in reply to 95.9 Hey, I sent you an e-mail in your old account that I normally write to you at. It has uncl dicks address in it and pics of the kids. If you can believe it, it is almost midnight and Jamie is still awake. AAAGGGGHHHHH!!!!!! It is amazing the energy kids have , especially when you are sick. From: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) 6/3/2000 10:16 am To: sfclarke unread (11 of 64) 95.11 in reply to 95.10 We all know how much energy Allie has! Is she still into karate? Maybe when you recover you could take the kids to Maywood or something. I got the pictures. Has Jamie had his first haircut yet? He seems to have longer hair than Allie. Maybe you ought to try loading them onto a post on this forum. And when are you coming to New York? At least here the normal high this time of year is below 80 degrees. your brother From: sfclarke 6/6/2000 11:54 pm To: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) (12 of 64) 95.12 in reply to 95.11 If you think Allie has energy, you just wait till you meet Jamie!! And no I don't want to get his hair cut , it comes down to the middle of his back and everyone says how cute he is.Of course this is after they find out that he is a boy and not the beautiful little girl they thought he was. From: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) 6/7/2000 10:54 am To: sfclarke (13 of 64) 95.13 in reply to 95.12 I don't know if you watch the morning shows, but CBS is ripping off its own "Survivor" show by holding a contest where 6 people who have never been to NYC before (that would include you and almost everyone else I'm related to) have to fend for themselves in Manhattan. There are more details at . Just don't tell them that you have a brother in the outer boroughs.. As far as long hair, the only guys I see with long hair in this town are Rastafarians, wear dreadlocks, or wear the Hare Krishna ponytail look. But then, I usually have very short hair- long hair makes me look like a redneck. your brother PS- some account calling itself "Danny2Hottie" is planning a blitzkrieg against Miss Renald on the Excelsior Delphi forum ( . Maybe I can enlist this person's help in financial restitution for my own destroyed computer. From: sfclarke 6/13/2000 12:31 am To: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) (14 of 64) 95.14 in reply to 95.13 Well you can be ohh so proud now. You have a jailbird for a sister. Yes I got arrested today so did Dean.It's a long story and I don't have time to explain but I will when I get a chance. From: danihottie 6/13/2000 12:37 am To: sfclarke (15 of 64) 95.15 in reply to 95.14 Well, the family that gets arrested together stays together. From: sfclarke 6/14/2000 3:13 am To: danihottie (16 of 64) 95.16 in reply to 95.15 Well if it isn't Danihootie.I almost fell honored thatyou took some of your precious time out of ruining my family memories to write to little old me. Really I think honored is too strong a word. More like comical. It shows me exactly how juvinile and cruel you can be. My father is gone, all we had left was what was on the computer you ruined. But they say what goes around comes around. Watch out!!!!!!!! From: sfclarke 6/14/2000 3:18 am To: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) (17 of 64) 95.17 in reply to 95.13 danihootie took some time to write me.don't i feel honored. check out what i wrote your little sis From: danihottie 6/14/2000 6:55 am To: sfclarke unread (18 of 64) 95.18 in reply to 95.16 I didn't ruin anyone's computer. I dont know how to play with computer viruses and shit like that, and I know you can't use them through instant messages which is how Donald thinks I did. Maybe it was the other people he was fighting with at the time like the Excelsior slut squad? Or maybe the computer just chose that moment to die. From: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) 6/14/2000 10:18 am To: sfclarke unread (19 of 64) 95.19 in reply to 95.16 What's this about you getting arrested? your brother From: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) 6/14/2000 10:23 am To: danihottie unread (20 of 64) 95.20 in reply to 95.15 Yawn. Can't think of anything better to slander my sister with? And BTW, that computer virus you sent in 1998 destroyed my computer. And that was a full year before I started having problems with certain members of the Excelsior (Alyson, Scott, etc.). Don't mess with me or what's left of my family. I have enough problems with an impending move, less than $300 to my name, a drug addict super who is threatening me and other tenants in the building I'm moving out of, and a landlord who may try to keep my deposit. Donald Clarke Forum Host 8026/315 From: sfclarke 6/16/2000 3:21 am To: danihottie unread (21 of 64) 95.21 in reply to 95.18 Well seeing as how you admitted to doing it, it kind of makes it hard to believe you when you say that you are innocent. They always say that the guilty are the first to lay blame on someone else! I also know that there was nothing wrong with my fathers computer or the person operating it. From: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) 6/16/2000 10:23 am To: sfclarke unread (22 of 64) 95.22 in reply to 95.21 Perhaps Danihottie is smoking the same drug that my building's super is. I ran into the super last night, and he has no memory of threatening me at 3AM Saturday Morning. He also has no memory of kicking in the Mexican immigrant's door a month ago. But right now I've got other things to worry about, like how I can afford a $115 a week apartment when I'm presently making $125 a week. Or why two months after I got my NY Security Guard certificate, I still can't get employment in that field. Donald Clarke Forum Host Ridgewood, Queens (hopefully next week) From: danihottie 6/16/2000 1:59 pm To: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) (23 of 64) 95.23 in reply to 95.22 I never admitted to anything, you just accused me of it and I didn't bother to correct you. Everyone saw your old computer sitting around the Excelsior office for years. Computers only last a few years before they begin to crap out. If it died of old age coicidnaently after you talked to me that means nothing and your paranoid accusations do not interest me. I have no interest in attacking you we have the same enemies. I want us to work together. From: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) 6/17/2000 10:55 am To: danihottie unread (24 of 64) 95.24 in reply to 95.23 #23, You just proved in your post that you were an Excelsior staff member. No one outside the staff knew that the only PC in the office with AOL was mine. That computer was in the office between September 1997 and September 1998, a year at most give or take a week. As far as our common enemies: Scott Kuperberg ain't coming back to the Excelsior. He is going to Israel in August, and considering the track record of Excelsiorites in Israel, he probably won't ever return to the US. Of course we could all wish that he moves to the Golan Heights..... Alyson Walansky and Tsippa Ackerman are out of the Excelsior and out of Brooklyn College. Tsippa has talked of moving out of New York for a while. Maybe she'll make good on that threat to move to Baltimore and maybe she'll run into those former neighbors from Baltimore who tried to have me killed in 1996. As far as Alyson, she's probably getting the therapy she needs now. Perhaps she'll get admitted into the Ann Marie Mesquita Adams wing at Creedmoor. And that little credit card thief, stalker, and psychopath Larry Walansky? He flunked out of high school. Sure he can get a GED, but just try getting a job with a GED in New York. It's extrememly difficult to get a job that pays more than $200 a week if you have some college credits. Of course Larry could steal Alyson's credit card again and flee to Florida. But it still doesn't explain why my computer shut down during an IM chat with you in 1998- a good 6 weeks after I got my computer home from the Excelsior, or your sick obsessions with women (Alyson, Sabina, my sister, etc.) Donald Clarke Forum Host Cypress Hills, Brooklyn From: danihottie 6/17/2000 11:33 am To: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) (25 of 64) 95.25 in reply to 95.24 Thank you for the information. What is my good friend Aly getting therapy for? From: sfclarke 6/18/2000 1:52 pm To: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) (26 of 64) 95.26 in reply to 95.22 COME BACK HOME DUMMY!!!!! I miss you I haven't seen you in 4 yrs. There are plenty of those type of jobs here. Love little sis.... PS: What happened to the $10.50 an hour? From: stevestatic 6/19/2000 2:04 am To: sfclarke unread (27 of 64) 95.27 in reply to 95.26 Dahhhhhhneeeeeeeee loves NY and won't come back! Rahhhhhhhhhhn Steve From: stevestatic 6/19/2000 2:04 am To: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) (28 of 64) 95.28 in reply to 95.24 What kind of a name is Danihottie. Is she hot? steve From: stevestatic 6/19/2000 2:06 am To: danihottie unread (29 of 64) 95.29 in reply to 95.23 What kind of name is Danihottie? Steve From: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) 6/19/2000 10:29 am To: sfclarke unread (30 of 64) 95.30 in reply to 95.26 I'm still getting $8 an hour, maybe more if I can get security work. And you know damn well why I will never move back to Tennessee. your brother Message 31 of 64 was Deleted From: sfclarke 6/20/2000 1:07 am To: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) (32 of 64) 95.32 in reply to 95.30 Well kiss my ass while whistleing Dixie...... From: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) 6/20/2000 10:46 am To: sfclarke unread (33 of 64) 95.33 in reply to 95.32 You're better off listening to Steve Peak's obscene Country songs. Think 666 Mafia meets Garth Brooks. your brother PS- I got a raise yesterday. I might get that dream home in Ridgewood provided it isn't already rented out. And whatever you do, don't ask Steve to send you an MP3 of the Memphis Rave Mafia. From: stevestatic 6/20/2000 9:39 pm To: sfclarke unread (34 of 64) 95.34 in reply to 95.32 dahhhhhhhhhhhhhny rahhhhhhhhhhhhhhn From: stevestatic 6/20/2000 9:54 pm To: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) (35 of 64) 95.35 in reply to 95.30 Tennessee White Station Walking In Memphis Threlkeld Hall Unitas Tower Miller Hall The SAC Papa John's Rob Edgar Lane Gold Ed Green Vince Shovlin Mike Thompson Chris David You'll never forget. Rahhhhhhhhhhhhn! Louisville! From: sfclarke 6/21/2000 1:53 am To: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) (36 of 64) 95.36 in reply to 95.33 hey, went to court today, everything went ok so far. got a court appointed lawyer. we may be able to sue the guy who walked into my house and started all this shit. by the way what does steve mean with this dahhhhhhny rahhhhhhhhn stuff? i'm curious. love little sis From: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) 6/21/2000 10:27 am To: sfclarke unread (37 of 64) 95.37 in reply to 95.36 I don't know. I've known Steve since I moved to Louisville 10 years ago and he's done that crap all this time. When Steve came to NYC last November, I talked to one of his co-workers and found out he does the same thing over in Japan. At least your residential status is more secure than mine is right now. I have to move out Saturday morning and still have no place to move to. your brother PS- if you lose the court case and go to jail, do I get your car? From: stevestatic 6/21/2000 9:26 pm To: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) (38 of 64) 95.38 in reply to 95.37 I hope you get a house donny! Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhn! Alright! Quit it! But donny you're still a friend even though you raaaaaaaaaaaahhn when you speak steve rahhhhhhhhn! From: sfclarke 6/22/2000 3:30 pm To: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) (39 of 64) 95.39 in reply to 95.37 yeha you can have my truck and all the nice notes that go along with it,we don't own them yet From: sfclarke 6/22/2000 3:33 pm To: stevestatic unread (40 of 64) 95.40 in reply to 95.34 ooooooookkkkkkkkkkkk From: stevestatic 6/22/2000 8:13 pm To: sfclarke (41 of 64) 95.41 in reply to 95.40 Donald makes noises when he talks. Rahhhhhhhhhhhn! That's why I do it. From: danihottie 6/22/2000 9:00 pm To: stevestatic unread (42 of 64) 95.42 in reply to 95.41 well, its making you come off like a moron. or someone with a speech problem. From: stevestatic 6/22/2000 9:20 pm To: danihottie unread (43 of 64) 95.43 in reply to 95.42 what this raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhn! It's just an inside joke. Are bothering people here or are you really Donald's friend? From: stevestatic 6/22/2000 9:21 pm To: danihottie unread (44 of 64) 95.44 in reply to 95.42 What kind of name is danihottie? Are you a hottie? From: danihottie 6/22/2000 11:36 pm To: stevestatic unread (45 of 64) 95.45 in reply to 95.43 I bother no one. Donald likes to blame me for things that simply don't interest me that I have nothing to do with. From: stevestatic 6/23/2000 12:43 am To: danihottie unread (46 of 64) 95.46 in reply to 95.45 What do you do? Are you a student at BC? Living in NY? Working? From: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) 6/23/2000 12:51 pm To: sfclarke (47 of 64) 95.47 in reply to 95.39 Thank you. I guess when I get the truck, I can add my WKTU and Bush/Lazio 2000 bumber stickers. your brother PS- the move to Ridgewood was aborted, so I'm stuck at the good old Rockaway Roach Motel again. It still beats the Stapleton Roach Motel I moved out of. One of these days, you should check out the Rockaway Roach Motel's website ( From: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) 6/23/2000 12:54 pm To: stevestatic unread (48 of 64) 95.48 in reply to 95.46 I doubt Danielle Renald could be considered a friend (assuming that's her real name, which I doubt). What gets me is that she admitted that she wiped out my computer, then denied the deed, and harassed my sister. I think she goes to BC and lives in those underground caverns beneath President Kimmich's office used by the Campus Satanists. Donald Clarke Forum Host/Ringmaster Rockaway Park, Queens From: sfclarke 6/26/2000 5:12 pm To: stevestatic (49 of 64) 95.49 in reply to 95.41 Would that be him blowing his nose or trying to breath? From: sfclarke 6/26/2000 5:16 pm To: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) (50 of 64) 95.50 in reply to 95.47 I wish you would just move back home away from people like danihottie. Hell there are plenty of good jobs here. There are 3 major factories here where I live. From: stevestatic 6/26/2000 8:24 pm To: sfclarke unread (51 of 64) 95.51 in reply to 95.49 He just talks like that. Rahhhhhhhhhhhhhhn! From: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) 6/27/2000 11:19 am To: sfclarke unread (52 of 64) 95.52 in reply to 95.50 Let's see, in your town there are 8000 people, 3 factories, one Catholic Church, no public transportation to speak of, and a crime rating almost as bad as Memphis or Baltimore and considerably worse than New York. your brother PS- enter your ZIP code in the APB Neighborhood crime check link on my website. You'd be surprised! From: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) 6/27/2000 11:20 am To: stevestatic unread (53 of 64) 95.53 in reply to 95.51 You'll be talking like that the next time you come back to New York. Oops, I forgot, you already talk like that. Donald Clarke Forum Host From: sfclarke 6/27/2000 11:01 pm To: stevestatic unread (54 of 64) 95.54 in reply to 95.51 when he talks to me he cuts words short, just like my name is not really suz. From: sfclarke 6/27/2000 11:05 pm To: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) (55 of 64) 95.55 in reply to 95.52 well of course the crime rating is high there are only 8000 people here. if there were half as many as new york this would look like paradise. and we do have cabs here, they just stop at 5:00 in the evening because 2 of the cab drivers got shot last year because they were trusting enough not to carrry a gun around on their ride. as far as catholic churches i think there are two or three now and the three factories are very high paying factories. COME HOME!!!!!!!!!!! love little sis From: stevestatic 6/27/2000 11:54 pm To: sfclarke unread (56 of 64) 95.56 in reply to 95.54 Donald is more like an engineer. He has trouble communicating and socializing because he's smart about other things like TV station names, songs, roads and other facts. He should work in a research company. Rahhhhhhhhhhn! From: sfclarke 6/30/2000 3:02 am To: stevestatic unread (57 of 64) 95.57 in reply to 95.56 Hell I think if you combined my brother and myself we would make a hell of a person, cause I got all the street smarts and he got the book smarts. From: stevestatic 6/30/2000 3:12 am To: sfclarke unread (58 of 64) 95.58 in reply to 95.57 He'll always be Donny. Rahhhn! From: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) 7/8/2000 10:58 am To: sfclarke unread (59 of 64) 95.59 in reply to 95.12 Well Suz, I managed to get some of your posts against Miss Hottie on the Internet. Follow the Classic Prodigy Posts page on my website. When Danielle completely implodes on this forum, that will be on that page, too. your brother PS- whose idea was it for that poll? Yours or Steve's? From: sfclarke 7/10/2000 1:34 am To: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) (60 of 64) 95.60 in reply to 95.59 I am not sure how to do that . I do not know your web page address, if you want send it to me at my e- mail address. Not a whole hell of alot is going on here just working my ass off the other bartender quit about a month and a half ago and i haven't had a night off since then except for sun and mon nights .i am in need of a good weekend drunk.!!!!!!!!!! From: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) 7/10/2000 11:48 am To: sfclarke (61 of 64) 95.61 in reply to 95.60 Stay off the alcohol! You know we are genetically predisposed to alcoholism. Even assuming our Mother and both grandfathers weren't alcoholics, just the fact that we are part-Irish and part-German makes us likely candidates to be drunks. your brother PS- supposedly, there is a bar named after every Irish surname here in NYC, but I have yet to find Clarke's Bar. From: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) 7/10/2000 11:52 am To: sfclarke (62 of 64) 95.62 in reply to 95.60 And my website is: . your brother From: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) 10/21/2000 10:50 am To: sfclarke unread (63 of 64) 95.63 in reply to 95.60 Suz, you know you could post here once in a while. And out of curiosity, can you listen to MP3s on your computer? your brother From: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) 12/2/2002 6:59 pm To: sfclarke unread (64 of 64) 95.64 in reply to 95.60 Suz, knowing what I know now after 2 years, come back... Or else I can tell these fine people here about your and Dean's trip to NYC on my 30th birthday. But I've gotta admit, you were right about Goodfellas. your brother 1