Back lyrics (written September-October 2015)

Here we go again

Good times gone again

back to life, back to grim reality

no more nice place with a kitchen or affordable rent

no more good drinks or social life or partying

no more cute girls flirting with you

or ugly ones either

back to the rat race
back to the hate

no more green
not even on the dollar bills
no more happy music
just the groans and the drones

love's gone back away an ocean or two

the rain's gone, but the sun's not back either

no more nice people
it's everyone for themselves

we'll help the poor, they say
so why was I richer when I was away

Everything's great, they say
but it was better in Austin or Dublin or London or Munchen

You may not be from here, but you're stuck here and barred from going home
Can't get high or drunk to ease the pain, even if you could afford it

Gave up on this land a while back, but no skills to go anywhere else

Escorted out of Eden, angels barring me from paradise
demons to the left of me, jokers to the right
nobody in the middle with me

they're all a pond away, an ocean away, a bridge away, mountains and continents away
a spiritual gulf away

It doesn't feel so good to be back