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Last Updated May 10, 2018

This section features some writings from the Brooklyn College Excelsior (where I wrote from 1997-1999) and Brooklyn News Service (BC's Journalism Program) submissions that I've managed to upload onto my webpage, as well as some of my fiction writings, songwriting lyrics (from what few songs I've produced that actually have lyrics), and other newspaper and blog submissions. I may post some more of my submissions from a certain Manhattan writing group whenever they get published.

My Google/Blogger blog (with archives up to 2005)

2008 letters, blogs, and court papers concerning Eliot Spitzer

Colorado Springs TV and Newspaper reviews (as of July 5, 2014)

My Observations on September 11, 2001, before, and after (9/11/2002)

NYC Television Station Reviews (as of April 2018)

NYC Radio Station Reviews (as of January 22, 2013)

Michael Jackson Song Parody (revised 2005)

12 Days of Sandy song parody (with storm damage photos)

Campus Gripes 1 (November 1997)

Campus Gripes 2 (November 1997)

Campus Gripes 3 (December 1997)

Campus Gripes 4 (12/14/1998, but never printed in the Excelsior)

Campus Gripes 5 (2/8/1999)

Campus Gripes 6 (5/3/1999)

Campus Gripes 7 (The Finale) (12/6/1999)

1996 Grammy Predictions (February 1997)

1997 Grammy Predictions (February 1998)

1998 Grammy Predictions (2/22/1999)

NBC Seins Off (January 1998)

Review of U2's Pop (March 1997)

Reviews of Jamiroquai, EBTG, and Fun Factory (March 1997)

Online Harassment (October 1997)

Death By Media (October 1997)

Review of Bring In Da Noise, Bring In Da Funk (April 1997)

Review of the 1998-99 TV Season and Midseason Replacements (2/8/1999)

Giant Harp Comes to World Financial Center (From BNS- 10/25/1999)

Campaign 2000 Comes to Staten Island (From BNS- 11/1/1999)

Review of the 1999-2000 Fall TV Season (updated 11/10/1999)

BC Library on New Ground (11/8/1999)

Restoration of Madison Square Park (From BNS- 11/22/1999)

Santas' Graduation Day (From BNS- 11/22/1999)

My Goodbye to the Excelsior (12/6/1999)

Gerbil Jones's Online Harassment (May 5, 1997)

Weasel in the White House (Spring 1998)

transcript of Gary Lynch guest-hosting the Jerry Springer show (April 1, 2000)

Lyrics of my song Get It Right (Parts 1 and 2) (November 2013)

1099 Lyrics (January 2014)

Heaven, Hell, and Rockaway (Coda) Lyrics (January 2014)

Worth Lyrics (song recorded July 2014, lyrics written April 2014)

Ask Lyrics (May-June 2014)

Feel Lyrics (September 2014)

City Of The Dead lyrics (May-September 2015)

Back lyrics (September-October 2015)

Red Wagon (January-April 2015 but published September 2016)

Greyhound (February 2015)

Do What I Say (February 2015)

Room (March 2015)

Clothing (March 2015)

The Sloth (March 2015)

57th and Madison (Sounds Like This) lyrics (April 2015 but published September 2016)

Broken lyrics (May 2015)

the Lila and Jeff Saga (March 2015-February 2016)

Prayer lyrics (February 2016)

I Remember (February 2016)

Orlando lyrics (June 2016)

Alamo lyrics (June 2016)