Colorado Springs media reviews

The following are reviews of various print and television outlets in Colorado Springs. Noticeably omitted from these reviews are most Denver media outlets and the station from Pueblo affiliated with National Bull Crap.

Note: Commercial channels are listed in order of their real channel frequency, not the phony virtual channel crap that the FCC should have done away with after the 2009 digital transition.

KXTU CW 57 (20.1/22.2) The local CW affiliate (and former UPN affiliate before 2006). KXTU was a low power station, and it is owned by the same folks who own KXRM Fox 21. KXTU is the local home for South Park. In an extreme violation of the FCC ban of broadcasting on UHF channels above 51, KXTU had a digital signal on 57.1, which debuted in early Fall of 2010, it is now on Channel 20. 20.1 is a low power digital signal, so most of the Springs can only pick up KXTU over-the-air on KXRM's subchannel 22.2. Channel 20.2 airs Mundofox.

KXRM Fox 21 (22.1): The local Fox affiliate. KXRM started their own news department in 2006 after letting KKTV produce their 9PM newscast for years. They also air the only local morning newscast between 7AM-9AM in this market. Since June 12, 2009, KXRM has been on Channel 22.1.

KRDO Newschannel 13 (24.1)(ABC): The local ABC station. Their ratings and newscasts improved significantly after their former owner Pikes Peak Broadcasting was sold in 2006 to the News-Press and Gazette Company. KRDO also airs a news/talk radio format on its AM (1240) and FM (105.5FM) stations. Since June 12, 2009, KRDO has been on Channel 24.1. Channel 24.2 is the Telemierda affiliate, which used to be on Channel 49 before KKTV decided to move to UHF. In 2014, KRDO started their own 24 hour news subchannel at 24.3 that airs live news and reruns of their morning, noon, and evening newscasts.

KJCS-LD 38: When Channel 38 was analog, it aired Daystar Christian Network. In 2011, the analog signal went dark. The owners of KDEO in Denver bought the rights to the digital signal on Channel 38, and it now simulcasts KDEO's religious programming, including EWTN on 38.1 and Daystar on 38.5. This station's reception is much clearer in Downtown and Briargate than it is on the South Side, West Side and Manitou Springs.

KVSN Channel 48: The newest station in the Colorado Springs/Pueblo market, KVSN debuted during the digital transition and replaced low power Univision affiliate KGHB-27 (analog). Channel 48.1 airs Univision while Channel 48.2 airs UniMas (formerly Telefutura). Channel 48.3 premiered in early December 2010 and aired LATV before going dark in 2012 and resuming LATV in January 2013.

KKTV 11 (49.1)(CBS): The local CBS affiliate which also airs Wheel Of Fortune and Jeopardy. I would say KKTV has a slight edge over KRDO as far as news quality. KKTV's digital channel 49.2 carries My Network programming. KKTV halted years of ratings decline with their non-stop news coverage of 2012's Waldo Canyon Fire and is now regularly beating KRDO and the Pueblo National Bull Crap affiliate in the news ratings. As of January 2011, KKTV and its subchannel are on Channel 49 instead of Channel 10.

KWHS-LD 51: A local family/religious themed station owned by LeSEA Broadcasting. For some reason, the regular programming on 51.1 is also simulcast on 51.2. Their studios are located in Chapel Hills Mall in Briargate.

The local PBS stations for Colorado Springs and Pueblo are KTSC Channel 8- which was the only Springs/Pueblo area station to not change channels after the digital transition (and is now the area's last VHF station), and Channel 31 (K31KM-D) which simulcasts Denver's PBS station KBDI and its subchannels KBDI+ (31.2) and MHz Worldview(31.3).

KKTV, KTSC, and KVSN air in 1080p on their main channels. KXRM, KXTU, and KRDO air in 720p. KKTV DT2, KTSC D2 and DT3, KRDO DT2 and DT3, KJCS, K31KM-D, and KWHS air in 480p.

Colorado Springs Gazette: The only daily newspaper in town. It was until 1997 known as the Gazette-Telegraph. In 2012, the Gazette was sold to Anschutz Corporation after their longtime owner (Freedom Communications) declared bankruptcy. The Gazette's editorial page is conservative/libertarian in opinion. At $1 on weekdays, they're overpriced, but I don't see Metro coming to Colorado Springs anytime soon. For some weird reason, the Gazette's "local" media partner for years was the National Bull Crap affiliate from Pueblo (while the Pueblo Chieftain's media partner is Springs-based KRDO). In June 2014, the Gazette dumped its agreement with KOAA in favor of a news/weather sharing agreement with Springs-based KKTV. The Gazette has its own video channel with a few segments hosted by former KKTV/KRDO news anchor Eric Singer.

Colorado Springs Independent: The free weekly alternative paper in town. Their political bent is left-of-center, but they are nowhere near as radical leftist as the Village Voice (or the New York Times, for that matter). The Independent makes political endorsements, usually for Democrats.

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Last updated July 5, 2014.