General Discussion - Does Anyone Still Come Here- More Danihottie Posturing From: danihottie 4/9/2000 5:50 pm To: ALL (1 of 11) 91.1 Good afternoon, I am working on a major story and I know that the people who perpetuate this board will be able to help me. The voices in the halls say that there is a major sex scandel brewing between the Excelsior and PHD yet again, only this time, it is much more dangerous and damaging. I assume this is the reason behind the newfound hatred betweeen PHD and the Excelsior, and Scott Kuperberg's rapid rise to fame in the paper. Anyone have any further information for me? Thank you, Dani [email protected] From: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) 4/13/2000 2:17 pm To: danihottie unread (2 of 11) 91.2 in reply to 91.1 Another sex scandal?! Yawn.... After what you did to my computer 18 months ago, I shouldn't even be posting to you. If you want to nab Alyson and Scott for anything, try investigating how they got me banned from the Excelsior and harassed me online and offline (I suspect them of tampering with at least two of my job applications). Better yet, just take your BC BS and theirs and get the {expletive deleted} off my forum. Donald Clarke Forum Host Rockaway Park, Queens From: danihottie 4/13/2000 5:50 pm To: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) (3 of 11) 91.3 in reply to 91.2 I apologize for bothering you. Except, with our common contempt for them, I would think you would at the very least agree with my story, or help me prove it. From: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) 4/20/2000 10:28 am To: danihottie unread (4 of 11) 91.4 in reply to 91.3 I know of no sex scandals involving Alyson Walansky. She, unfortunately, is good friends with a truly despicable being by the name of Scott Kuperberg. Thanks to his wining, I was ejected from the Excelsior. But it didn't stop there. I spent the first two months of this year collecting unemployment when the temp agency I spent 3 years with (Accustaff) decided to fire me because of complaints. Scott himself threatened to kill several of my job applications. He probably violated harassment laws, and in trying to ruin me, he threatened to and may have tampered with a police investigation. (Alyson may or may not have ordered him to do this, but she wouldn't insult her name by being directly involved in this.) If you want to investigate something truly rotten, try with Alyson's brother Larry. He is not even a BC student, yet he holds an technical position on the Excelsior. She didn't get along with him (backdate the threads to May 1999 to find out why- it involves his blatant theft of her credit cards which should have landed him in juvenile hall) until he hacked into my Delphi account and illegally changed the password back in December 1999. Personally I'm sick just thinking about the crap with the Excelsior- Alyson, Scott, the turning on friends when it suited their whims (Diana should ask Alyson why Scott tried to throw her off PHD in May 1999), the false sex scandals, etc. Donald Forum Host Middle Village, Queens From: danihottie 4/20/2000 5:31 pm To: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) (5 of 11) 91.5 in reply to 91.4 The following is a copy of a recent global email that was sent to campus leaders. Greetings all, Below is a forwarded message from a recent conversation I had with Excelsior Editor-in-Chief Aly Walansky. I have been in discussions with her, and Excelsior Senior Editor/Ex-PHD President Scott Kuperberg for several months and have many archived conversations I could share with all interested. If you are receiving this, your email address has at some point either appeared in the Excelsior, or on one of the online forums or databases that is Brooklyn College related. Ironically, Aly herself recently had a public database created for invitations to the Excelsior debates, and that is how I was able to contact most of you. You may ask why I am doing this. Aly and Scott are engaging in a corrupt relationship that will hurt each and every one of us. They are not only misusing student funds and the media, but they are doing it for their own political gain and to hurt their enemies. All this is being done while masquerading as student leaders. Help me stop them so that the school can thrive again. IF you have anything to add to my investigation, I appreciate the help. Thank you, Danielle Renald [email protected] Wed, 19 Apr 2000 14:13:06 PDT Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2000 14:13:06 -0700 (PDT) From: Danielle Renald Subject: Something VERY Interesting To: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii Content-Length: 2315 For all of your interest. My conversation with Ms. Walansky. ********* danihottie: I heard something very interesting yesterday. alyeditrix: thats nice danihottie: Your two friends, your managing editor, and that girl with the long blond hair were having a serious talk about you and Scott outside your office yesterday. Put a spin on things I never knew before. alyeditrix: what things? danihottie: I think you know. I was thinking about mentioning it this morning when we talked, but I figured if I have proof that you are not only a skank, but so stupid, I should play with it. alyeditrix: you are going to be expelled for this i hope you know alyeditrix: nigel has given in everything you have given to him to president kimmich. and dean morales office is consulting with lawyers danihottie: You are a liar. danihottie: I know you are, and I am not the slightest bit frightened. danihottie: I walked down a public hall and over heard incriminating things. There is no crime associated with that. danihottie: Don't you feel like a complete dimwit for following around like a dominated slave someone that fucked you -- literally and figuretly - when your friend said you were so drunk that you couldn't stand up and then treated you like garbage for months after? I can't feel sorry for a moron like you. alyeditrix: you are so completely wrong danihottie: Yes. Keep saying that. alyeditrix: i don't know what you think you overheard, but you are wrong. and besides, you need a life of your own. obsessing over me like this is so sick. danihottie: Did Scott tell you that I confronted him a few months ago about seeing you with that blond girl out side the health clinic? He had lied to me about what I thought I overheard, but now I know the truth. Boy are you lucky that test was negative (this is my assumption)! alyeditrix: you are a stupid insane liar. and soon you will be expelled, and your crimes will keep you from getting into just about any other school. alyeditrix: gosh, do you think an yone would evne care if tany of this was even true? alyeditrix: go to hell, i'm done with this. i was told years ago to block you. now i will. danihottie: I'll see you there __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Send online invitations with Yahoo! Invites. (Editor's note, if only that conversation really happened!) From: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) 4/21/2000 2:30 pm To: danihottie unread (6 of 11) 91.6 in reply to 91.5 What, you didn't put me on the mailing list?! Anyways, there's nothing illegal about Scott and Alyson having that type of relationship, no matter how unholy or perverted it is. Since Scott isn't a member of PHD (I heard they kicked him out- but then two months ago I heard he resigned from the Excelsior but obviously that didn't happen), there isn't any campus prohibitions on that front forbidding him from becoming Senior Editor or sleeping with Alyson. Of course I think Scott should be expelled from BC and arrested for his harassment tirade against me, but that's another matter. I also recognized the anonymous people you listed as being at the health clinic with Alyson. The managing editor is one of the few Excelsior staff members on speaking terms with me. The other "blond" also is on speaking terms with me, and signed up on this forum before Alyson got the password and started impersonating her to spy on me. I assume you know who those two girls are (if not, then your "investigation" is headed nowhere), so I won't name them here. Personally, there were crimes committed by three Excelsior staff members that could (and should) put them in jail, and you're focusing on meaningless politics and sex scandals. Fed up with this whole mess, Donald Clarke Forum Host Parkville, Brooklyn From: danihottie 4/21/2000 4:03 pm To: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) (7 of 11) 91.7 in reply to 91.6 Really? What sort of crimes? Message 8 of 11 was Deleted From: stevestatic 6/20/2000 10:02 pm To: danihottie unread (9 of 11) 91.9 in reply to 91.7 Donny loves you. That's the truth. From: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) 6/21/2000 10:30 am To: stevestatic unread (10 of 11) 91.10 in reply to 91.9 I love Danihottie about as much as I love NBC, the Atlanta Braves, ALS, or Rev. Jimmy Swaggart. I should warn you, Danihottie is dangerous. Whatever you do, don't get into an IM chat with her. And don't set me up with any computer stalkers! And quit pestering my sister! Donald Clarke Forum Host/Ringmaster PS- I can always send your former love Fumiko a Delphi account! From: stevestatic 6/21/2000 9:14 pm To: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) (11 of 11) 91.11 in reply to 91.10 not my love, rahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhn! it's entertainment to be on this board. rahhhhhhhhhhhhn! I help provide the value! rahhhhhhhhhhhhhhn! daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnalds. Rahhhhhhhhhhhhhhn! This is so fun donny! Rahhhhhhhhhhhhhn! Nerd! Geek! Dork! Rahhhhhhn! wooooooooooooooooooo! Papa Donnie rahhhhhhhhhhhhhhn! rev. foley preaches you the truth at subway! rahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhn! 1