Essex County NY Clarkes

This page is still under construction. Much of the information that will be up here is courtesy of Juanita Napper, a descendant of Nahum Madison Clarke.

1) Abraham Clarke (born August 17, 1776 in Townsend, MA; died January 26, 1867 in Wadhams Mills, NY)
married on January 3, 1804 in Springfield, VT, to Edith Taylor (born April 14, 1783 in Windsor, VT; died September 11, 1866 in Wadhams Mills, NY)

2)Nahum (or Nadhaum) Clarke (born August 29, 1812 in Springfield, VT; died December 30, 1898 in Wadhams Mills, NY)- note he is sometimes confused with his son James Madison Clarke (1841-1919), probably due to an editing error in the records for Lewis, NY, that was repeated in a genealogical record for Sullivan, NH (where Nahum's older siblings were born). Also known as Nahum Madison Clarke, the name given on his tombstone at Riverside Cemetery in Wadhams Mills, NY.
Nahum's wife was Phila Vaill Eggleston (born June 30, 1816 in Vergennes, VT; died March 20, 1902 in Wadhams Mills, NY). They married on March 1, 1839, in Crown Point, NY.

3a)Almon Taylor Clarke (born February 19, 1840 in Ticonderoga, NY; died March 29, 1929 in West Palm Beach, FL)- the eldest son of Nahum and Phila- he was a traveling Congregationalist minister, a columnist, and an honorary doctor who lived in Essex and St. Lawrence Counties in New York as well as Rhode Island, Vermont, Georgia, Maine, and Shelby County, Alabama, before retiring to Palm Beach in 1907.
His wife's name was Marietta Thankful Whitney (born February 2, 1842 in Wadhams Mills, NY; died April 12, 1931 in West Palm Beach, FL). She graduated from Barre University and was an accomplished writer, having won the Penmanship Award at the 1856 New York State Fair.

3b)James Madison Clarke (born August 11, 1841 in Ticonderoga, NY; died December 18, 1919 in Westport, NY)- as noted above, some clerical errors that were unfortunately passed down to later genealogy reports on this family were due to James and his father having the same middle name, Madison. James took over the Clarke family property in the Wadhams/Lewis area of Essex County.
James's wife was named Mary J. Hoskins (born June 20, 1845 in Wadhams Mills, NY; died June 1932 in Westport, NY).

3c)Mary Frances Clarke (born September 17, 1849 in Crown Point, NY; died May 9, 1868 in Wadhams Mills, NY)- was the only daughter of Nahum and Phila. She died in some sort of accident involving a horse, and left no descendants.

4a1)Almon Taylor Clarke Jr (born October 9, 1867 in Crown Point, NY; died February 19, 1937 in Tupper Lake, NY)- was the eldest son of Dr. Almon and Marietta. He was a postmaster for Tupper Lake and was married twice, to Elizabeth Perry (1860-1899?) from 1888-1899?, and to Nellie Benan (1867-1941), who is buried at St. Alphonsus Catholic Cemetery in Tupper Lake along with their daughter Lorena Clarke LaVallee (1906-59). Almon and his brother Harvey were the only children of Dr. Almon and Marietta not to settle in Florida. Half-siblings Almon Taylor Harvey Clarke (1891-1948) and Lorena LaVallee lived in the same apartment building in Rochester, NY, according to the 1930 Census. Almon's biggest claim to fame was as the author of the syndicated "Old Timers' Column" for various upstate New York newspapers under the pen name of Rufus.

4a2)Susan Elmira Clarke Warner (born December 17, 1872 in Crown Point, NY; died October 20, 1942 in Miami, FL) was the eldest daughter of Dr. Almon and Marietta. She married James William Warner (born February 3, 1871 in Marietta, GA; died 1922 in Miami, FL) on November 29, 1894, in Shelby County, Alabama. They settled in Miami, not too far from her father and sisters.

4a3)Maude Elizabeth Clarke (born November 16, 1875 in Rhode Island; died April 19, 1965 in Miami, FL) was an accomplished writer and poet who never married. She spent most of her adult life in West Palm Beach before retiring to Miami.

4a4)John Paul Clarke (born October 17, 1880 in Crown Point, NY; died December 25, 1920, in West Palm Beach, FL) was a postal worker for Palm Beach County, FL, until his death. His wife Rose M. Young (born April 16, 1876 in PA, died February 28, 1969 in Lake County, OH) moved their young children to the Cleveland area after John's death.

4a5)Harvey Fisk Clarke (born May 13, 1883 in Crown Point, NY; died April 17, 1960 in Sacramento, CA) was a teacher in California, and at one time was the superintendent of schools for Paso Robles, CA. He attended Olivet College in Michigan. His wife's name was Clara Belle Armstrong (born June 26, 1880 in Grand Blanc, MI; died November 25, 1967 in Sunnyvale, CA). They married July 27, 1911 in Benzonia, MI. Their only child was Arthur Almon Clarke (born August 13, 1911 in Benzonia, MI; died December 29, 2002 in Cupertino, CA).

4a6)Lena Marietta Thankful Clarke (born March 1, 1886 in Vermont; died August 5, 1967 in West Palm Beach, FL) was an assistant postmaster in West Palm Beach and a poet. Like her sister Maude, she never married. She gained notoriety in a 1920s murder trial.

4b) All 5 of James Madison Clarke's children were born around Wadhams Mills, NY. They are Elmer James Clark (b 6/28/1868, d. 1/26/1931 in Whallonsburgh, NY); Richard Anson Clarke (b. 12/8/1871, d. 1951 in Westport, NY); Mary Frances Clarke (b. 10/17/1872, d. after 1958?); Charles H. Clarke (b. 9/29/1874, d. 1/17/1932 in Westport, NY); and Margaret E. Clarke (b. 7/13/1877, d. 7/19/1958 in Westport, NY). All of the children except for Mary Frances Clarke are buried at Riverside Cemetery in Wadhams Mills, NY.

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