Online Harassment by Gerald "Gerbil" Jones (as dictated to the Excelsior)

The Internet can be a fun place. All that information, the people, and friends you can make. Since I have rather outspoken views on politics, I've been known to enrage critics. Spirited debate can lead to flaming, where posters in bulletin boards and chat rooms engage in violent, even threatening verbal exchanges, unless SYSOP bitches like Cyndeeee try to break up our fun.
I joined the online service Prodigy in June of 1994, I strolled onto the Rush Limbaugh bulletin board, and decided to have fun.
Since Rush spews racism and sexism, I thought I could make a point by being more racist and sexist than his followers who were on the board. Some of the Rush worshippers bought my act. The liberal Rush haters didn't, though, and I soon found myself (their ideological ally on most issues) in their line of fire.
It is important in this part of the story to note that harassment is in the eye of the debator. I personally have no problem posting threats and calling people stupid enough to leave their phone number listed. In my eyes, Joe, Wheels, and Vasi deserved the thrashing I gave them. But in their eyes, I was doing the harassing.
The new, more virulent me appeared in July. Some loser named Dan Elway posted about wanting to a be a rodent sexual aid, Rush's gerbil. I hammered him, but somehow I (and not he) ended up being nicknamed "Gerbil." I didmanage to bring Rush lovers and haters in a few cases. Joe thought I was too extremist, and his liberal crippled buddy Wheels went on the attack. One liberal, Vasi, thought I was his arch-enemy Pena, a well-known stalker. I teased him with the thought- after all, Pena was a master at baiting losers.
The battles ensued. Me versus Vasi, Wheels, Joe, and their buddy Clarke. By September, I had a powerful ally, Thomas Davis, also known as Billy Jo Backus. His views on retro-abortions and people of other races were offensive even to me, but he had just as intense a hatred of the Gang of Four as I did. He now has a talk show out of suburban Philly, and I wish him much success on WTTM [920AM, #215-949-8513 to call in].
Billy Jo was on the Rush boards longer than I was, and some of the things he proposed were illegal, but I went ahead with them anyway. I used a voice disguiser and placed a few hostile messages on Vasi's answering machine in Chicago.
Vasi was outraged. Then Billy Jo threw suspicion on Vasi and Clarke by posting on the Stalkers bulletin board that they were making threatening calls to him. I knew that was bogus because Billy Jo's number was always unlisted. I never called him offline- he always called me. Billy Jo used faked posts to convince Cyndeeee the board snitch to get Wheels kicked off.
Wheels was easier to kick off than Vasi or Clarke. But two months later, Clarke managed to turn most of Prodigy against me. Davis got kicked off under his own name, but he always returned under Billy Jo, Daniel David, or Patrick Davis.
In late December, I finally got Clarke kicked off since he had rather extreme retorts to Billy Jo's death threats and the remarks about sending his killer dog Lester after him. I met Billy Jo in Washington Crossing a year ago, and Lester is really nothing but a toothless retriever. Billy Jo also posted a fake Clarke obituary.
Vasi left after Clarke was kicked off. I hear he is now involved with some Christian movie production outfit in Hollywood. Vasi was a liberal Jesus freak.
I got bored with Prodigy and left in mid 1995 after there was no one left to debate. I received a $100,000 check from Uncle Wilbur and spent a few invigorating months in the Caymans. When I returned to Southern California, I headed up an animal rights group (NAMGLA).
I miss the fights, the mean spiritedness, the pure fun of injuring others using a keyboard. Someday I might return, but now I have other targets such as Dan Burton, Newt Gingrich, ABC, and the few surviving Heaven's Gate cultists. I hear Clarke now lives in New York, maybe I ought to give him a harassing call or twelve.

This week (May 5, 1997), Mr. Jones would like to thank Matt Fox, WTTM-AM talk show host Thomas Davis, the new features editor, and everyone (but one staff writer) at the Excelsior who allowed him to vent his views for this particular article.

Editor's note: This stalker may still be harassing others. I don't think his buddy Tommy Davis still has that radio show. And click here to see the only known photo of the Gerbil.