Get It Right (Original Version)- November 5-7, 2013

Verse 1

new york is a guaranteed right to shelter city,
but there are people who would rather sleep on the streets than go to the shelters
in austin there are 10 homeless people for every available homeless shelter bed
and those that don't win the bed lottery are told to sleep outside knowing full well they can be arrested
they shouldn't take money for helping when they turn more people away than they help
get them off the streets first

Verse 2

obamacare passed solely on the votes of one party
it claimed to help lower costs by forcing people to buy insurance
Needing insurance when sick is the main problem with healthcare
and they're doubling down on what is wrong and increasing costs for everyone

1099 the sub-minimum wage
can't afford to pay more due to over-regulation
making benefits more important than a living wage
and tampering with the economics makes more people poor

Verse 3

since 1973 over 50 million have died because of abortion
yet many say infanticide is a God-given right
guess they forgot about Doctor Gosnell
and who planned parenthood was meant to control
if Margaret had her way, Barry would never had been born

Verse 4

hey Bill de Blasio or is it Wilhelm?
quit listening to the a-corns and the nuts
this city has enough well-intentioned problems 
without your working squirrels making it worse

raise the taxes on the rich then watch them flee
raise the pay for those who aren't worth it
guess who gets stuck paying in the end
those who can least afford it

Verse 5

big city not so bright lights
how could they confuse an OVH with an M 400
breaking down after 6 years 
now they want to switch to L E D
but they've only got one chance and 200 million
to get it right and fix the lights

Verse 6

who would have thought that learning would become a money pit
benefits for all those not learning
many want to teach but no one can afford to learn
you think you should mortgage your future to learn the present
and find out it never was worth it?

thanks to tenure any idiot can teach
and perverts and incompetents are saved
no wonder our kids are rude and inconsiderate
and so easily brainwashed

Verse 7

does it make sense to believe that stupid peacock
when they blew up that truck and the truth
and when they created dogfights and earthquakes
and opened their wallet too much
yet ignored it when one of their balloons nearly killed someone

west side alphabets are too flashy
and the canine on 6th wants money for what should be free
cant you see the truth

Verse 8

whats the difference between a patriot and a liar
between waterboarding and public extortion
whats a few trillion between friends
and we'd rather know what Lindsay or Brad or what the fox says than the truth
get it right motherfuckers, get it right you ignorants, get it right you scumbags
get it right before it's too late

Get It Right Part 2 (November 6-7, 2013)

Yeah I'm back mutha fuckers
you miss me
or are you still complaining about my last song

shouldn't be a problem

with my cheap laptop I can always make more

shouldn't matter if it's in Rockaway or Midtown
Brooklyn or Staten Island
or Texas or Colorado or Pennsylvania

if you think this robotic voice is annoying
maybe you should hear my real one
if I could figure out the microphone app

still tired of ineffective leaders
and sub minimum wage 1099 jobs
sick of all the wasted dollars
and the policies that keep people like me poor

sick of the deaths of the innocents
while the guilty ones are allowed to roam free
sick of the want ads taken up by money pit training schools
get it right 
oh wait they cant

too many problems in New York City
the crappy OVH streetlights are only the most visible ones
amazing how they want 2.50 to ride the subway 
and $15 to cross the Verrazano
its all just rich or poor now
no middle left to squeeze

gloria in excelsis deo
dona nobis pacem
but tired of those that claim I'm not already saved
and who want to cut the chapters out of the book

tried of those who ask me for money
when I don't have any
and yet they'd rather sleep on the streets
or beg for a living
but those beggars make more than me

don't sell me what I don't need
don't sell me what I can't afford to buy
don't tell me to sell myself
do I look like a fucking male prosititute?
you claim you want me to get a job
but send me to places I can't work in
to places I can't earn minimum wage in
if you send me anywhere
and you expect me to look it up for myself
when I've spent most of the decade in dire poverty

get it right and do your fucking job
oh wait, you can't

I wonder how the schools are supposed to improve
when the problems are running them
when they call their buddies in Albany to stop the competition
and what works won't get supported

I wonder how you create affordable housing
when you restrict low cost building
when you say we can only make 200000
when you need more than 3 million

I wonder how you think you can spend yourself out of debt
I wonder how you can re-invent the laws of economics
I wonder how you can try socialism
when it's failed so many times before
I wonder why you think you can control everything
just because the climate is changing

tired of the Walanskys and Kuperbergs and Kregers and antisocial workers and inedible arrangements
and no-chances and insecurity jobs and Spartans and other bad memories haunting my life
they should be well in the past
maybe this remix will exorcise those demons

So much of what failed before still doesn't work now
but what used to work is failing too
will it ever get fixed
get it right
if you can