Campus Gripes 2 (December 1, 1997)-by Thomas Donald Clarke

After last week's unmasking of the Politburo,er, Assembly, I will now deal with the Ann Marie Adamsman, formerly known as the Kingsman. Now I am in favor of having two school newspapers on this campus, but under Ann Marie's leadership, the Kingsman is simply not a credible paper.
In the November 19th issue of Kingsman, one of their editorial cartoons accused the Excelsior of being in PHD's pocket. Obviously Ann Marie Adams has never read my columns. I happen to like her illustration of Stella Bard, though.
Additionally, Adams hasn't checked her own paper's finances. According to an unnamed Politburo source, the Kingsman is supposed to receive around $60,000 in funds, considerably more than the Excelsior's $35,000.
I've also noticed that there's a steady stream of people leaving the Kingsman. Recently, Mohammed Quadir (whom I should thank for exposing the Politburo's crackdown on tape recorders), Lloyd Balch, Jose Vasquez, and Managing Editor Carl Suares have left. There may be others that we don't know about yet.
Then there's the mystery of Ann Mesquita. Ann wrote the front page story in the premier issue of the Kingsman, "Kingsman Vandalized," but she didn't appear on the staff list. A Rose Mesquita did appear on the staff list in that issue. Kingsman Issue #2 was dedicated to bashing the Excelsior's editor, Cheryl Felsenburg, in a story written by "Ann Mesquita" called "No Comment." Ann Mesquita finally made the staff list (where she still remains) and Rose Mesquita disappeared forever.
According to Kingsman faculty advisor Anthony Mancini, the Mesquita sisters are nothing more than pseudonyms of Ann Marie Adams. "I told Miss Ann Mesquita herself to quit using that pseudonym," Mancini said in a recent Newswriting class. Coincidentally, four Excelsior staff members besides myself attend that newswriting class.
In addition to pseudonymous work making the front page and staff boltings, Adams has threatened to sue Excelsior writers who write articles about her that she doesn't like. She threatened to sue Excelsior News Editor Sophia Allwood over her article "A Second Look at Kingsman" (October 20, 1997). Adams also threatened to sue me over my news story "Media Blitzed" (October 27, 1997). I don't know why Adams found the story libelous. Everyone I know who read the story thought it was unbiased and fair. And before her threats, I had no disputes with Miss Adams.
The Kingsman's arts section is disturbing. The only music charts they give are the R&B and rap charts, and they don't even credit where they get their chart information from. In a multiethnic campus such as Brooklyn College, shouldn't they also cater to the students who don't like R&B and rap? Shouldn't they also try to reach out to the students who like Z100, WKTU, and K Rock?
The Kingsman has also used sports statistics and graphics that appear to be literally ripped out of the Excelsior's sports page. Just look at the intramural stats and schedules in the November 12th Kingsman and compare them to the texture and type of the intramural stats and schedules in the November 10th Excelsior. Awfully coincidental, isn't it?
If Ann Marie doesn't clean up her act, then the Kingsman will go on to spawn future racists, liars, and NYC Democrats.


Since this article appeared in print, Ann Marie sent her hatchet man (and Carl Suares's replacement) Nigel Asregadoo to attack me over this little editorial. It appears she wants to start a race war over some argument she had last semester with current Excelsior editor Cheryl Felsenburg and former Excelsior editor Debbie Wolf. Nigel's attack and my response are on the Columns Index under Campus Gripes 3.

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December 1, 1997/BC Excelsior