Nigel's racist column and my response (Campus Gripes 3).

First, here is Nigel Asregadoo's column, "Donald the Quack" (December
3/5, 1997)

To the Editor (Ann Marie Adams):

    "Everyone I know thought the article was unbiased and fair," said (Thomas)
Donald Clarke, in a letter to the editor of the Excelsior, referring
to an article titled "Media Blitzed," in which several accusations were
totally unfounded. 
    Don, I am sure you are telling the truth, as it applies to your
friends, however, Jonathan Koza never answered my question when I asked
him why he lied about Adams and myself following me around. And the
Editor in Chief Peril Falsenburg claimed that we (the Kingsman editors)
had accused her of vandalizing the Kingsman office. That girl is
hearing things. You ought to get her checked out, Don, I believe you
have been played for a fool. Are you sure your name is not Donald
Duck? You seem to be doing a lot of quacking.
    "The Kingsman will probably spawn future liars, racists, and New
York Democrats.." you wrote.
    Clarke, this thing about Democrats is a joke. If the Kingsman spawns
future racists, I guess they will just be carrying on the rich legacy
of Brooklyn College. You gotta be patriotic. Right? Just last night a
white security guard followed me back fro m the bathroom without
asking any questions. How did I know he was following me? Well, after
I entered the Kingsman office, he said he was sorry. Tradition.
Tradition. Tradition. Is it so hard for you to accept? Ducks have no
tradition too you know, so you are no exception.
    "In a multiethnic campus such as Brooklyn College, why are only the
R&B and rap music charts included?" Yep, it's Don again. Don, let me,
from the bottom of my heart, congradulate you for your knowledge of R&B,
which by the way does not mean Rock and Bullshit. I trust you know the
real meaning. Damn, the brother does know his music. Do you mind if I
call you BROTHER? Because just like the psychologist's concept of a
masculine and feminine side, you seem to be coming to grips with your
BLACKSIDE.  You're right. Who needs Jerry Seinfeld? You said that as if
it were a reflex action. I hope you did not upset Ms. Falsenburg and
the crew.
    Don I spoke to Professor Mancini and he told me there was too much
backbiting, and I agreed. This is why I never followed up on the false
claims made by the Excelsior. But you guys just don't quit, now do you?
I know your motive. You have always wanted to be a BROTHER and because
it cannot happen, you pick on them. It's the old concept of "I didn't
want it anyway." When you can't have it, you claim you don't want it. I
know the trauma you must be experiencing. I guess under those
circumstances, I can forgive you for putting pen to paper and writing
such CRAP. You know Don, it really is true. A mind is a terrible thing
to waste.

Note, I did not make up that article. If I didn't know who wrote it, I
would have thought it was a sick joke perpetated by the likes of Tommy
Davis and the Gerbil. My response follows.

Campus Gripes 3

    I thought I had escaped juvenile name calling when I graduated from
the loathsome White Station High School (516 S. Perkins Road, Memphis,
TN 38117) in 1990. But I was mistaken.
    The December 3 issue of the Kingsman came out two days late, on
December 5, and what do I find on page 10 of the paper but an editorial
trashing me- Nigel Asregadoo's "Donald the Quack."
    Nigel, get original. If the only thing you have to back up your
argument is stupid name calling, then you are no better than Scott
Curtis, Brian Hartley, Karen Cook, Marquette Evans, or any of the other
ignorant schmucks I went to high school with. You never even addressed
my concerns about Ann Marie using a pseudonym when writing news stories
about herself or the recent staff boltings of Lloyd Balch, Mohammed
Quadir, Jose Vasquez, and Carl Suares.
    My problems with Ann Marie had to do with her administration of the
Kingsman. I stayed out of her feud with Cheryl Felsenburg and former
Excelsior editor Debbie Wolf. I didn't have any problems or disputes
with Ann Marie before she threatened to sue me over the "Media Blitzed"
(Excelsior, 10/27/1997, page 1) story. And I know Cheryl's last name is
difficult to spell but not many people would spell her name Peril
    "Media Blitzed" was not about anyone vandalizing the Kingsman office.
It was about alleged harassment in which the victims accused you and Ann
Marie of harassing them. I did not write that you were convicted or 
charged of such a crime. All I did was attempt to get a quote from Ann
Marie on the accusations, and she tried to turn it into a an argument
with Cheryl.
    Concerning the Kingsman's arts department, you never did say why you
only covered R&B and hip hop. According to this week's Billboard Hot 100
Singles Chart (notice I mentioned where I got this chart information
from), Elton John has the number one single in America (Candle in the
Wind 1997, which was just announced Top Single of the Year by the
Billboard Music Awards). Leann Rimes is number two, with "How Do I
Live," and Usher is number three with "You Make Me Wanna.." The music
world doesn't solely revolve along the Wu Tang Clan. Garth Brooks, Will
Smith, Barbara Streisand, U2, Spice Girls, Hanson, Leann Rimes, and
Janet Jackson have all had more popular albums this year than the Wu's
"Wu Tang Forever."
    Thanks for proving me right on the portion of last week's column where
I mention where future racists are being nurtured. If anybody is stoking
the racial fires in this dispute, it is you. You have never seen me, yet
you attempt to denigrate me by calling me a "wannabe brother." You accused
Brooklyn College students in general of having a rich tradition of racism.
I can easily bring up the ideas of Ward Connerly, the guy who is trying to
do away with affirmative action quotas, but you'd probably call him a
traitor or an "Uncle Tom." What does it matter what race you, me, Ann
Marie, Cheryl, Sophia Allwood, Gary Lynch, Stella Bard, Joe Ciraco, Jaime
Merill, or Christoph Kimmich is? I could care less what race the people
who agree or disagree with me are. 

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December 8, 1997/BC Excelsior