Campus Gripes 5
   November 1997. Student Government is in its inept mode under PHD. 
Weird resolutions such as the banning of tape recorders in SG 
meetings are voted upon. There was a possible conflict of interest 
between the SG President and an Excelsior staff member.
   By May of 1998, students are fed up with years of PHD rule and 
vote in USL. USL promises to end the corruption and to make student 
government more responsive to the students.
   Fall 1998. PHD had problems with tape recorders. USL has a 
problem with the American flag and the Pledge of Allegiance. USL 
encounters some opposition. Not just from PHD, but from a group of 
independent students who form a third political party, USG. Officials 
of USL attend USG's meetings and install themselves as USG party 
leaders. The founders of USG leave their party in disgust. Two of the 
three USG founders join PHD. USL passes a resolution renaming SG 
"United Student Government". And there is a rumored indiscretion 
between a USL member and a Kingsman staff member, as well as 
accusations of a former PHD member having an affair with the 
Excelsior's editor-in-chief.
   As someone who once considered being a political science major, I 
am really disgusted with large aspects of modern politics. In that 
little bunker to the south of Lafayette Park in NW Washington, DC, a 
pathological liar and sex addict cons his constituents with 
unrealistic proposals, flip-flops on issues such as tax cuts, 
abortion, Social Security, and the deficit, while using cigars as sex 
toys with his interns. This so-called leader never got more than 49 
percent of the vote. Yet he is brazen enough to claim a mandate and 
to lie under oath to a grand jury and to the people that supposedly 
voted for him. His con works with several newspaper editors; the 
Baltimore Sun, New York Daily News, Los Angeles Times, and Newsday
are more orally fixated on his posterior than his interns are.
   This sicko's ideological soulmates have been running Brooklyn 
College politics for a while. They used to run PHD and still run USL. 
They encouraged more parties to join in student government, but then 
when one tried to form, they eliminated it from within. They censor 
the opposition, then pass ridiculous resolutions. And these vermin 
even have the audacity to demonize the society that is supporting 
their education.
   What happened to sensible SG reform? Why is USL focusing so much 
on anti-Americanism? Why are they opposing such things as core
science courses? Why are they wasting money on sending "SG 
Newsletters" to uninterested students and former students? And has 
anyone noticed the complaints against Brooklyn College's present
student government regime in such non-campus sources as the Brooklyn
Skyline, Bay News, and Daily News?
   In past societies, inept despots such as Bill Clinton and Hannah 
Leshaw could only be removed through violent, bloody revolution. 
Fortunately, this modern society has less violent means to remove 
unfit leaders. In the case of Clinton, there is an impeachment trial 
to remove him from office. If 67 percent of the Senate finds him 
guilty (as they should), Clinton loses his job. Then he can be free 
to accept that job offer at Dreamworks and leave the rest of us 
alone. BC students have elections every May. Last May, they retired 
the PHD kooks. (Since that election, Stella Bard and Joe Ciraco have 
left politics.) This upcoming May, it will be time for BC to remove 
the USL tyrants. Then Hannah and her cronies can be exiled to the 
Osama Bin Laden School for destroying Americanism where they belong.

February 8, 1999/BC Excelsior