Campus Gripes 6

By the time you read this, student government will have new leaders (Ozzie Allen and Yogita Balram) and USL will retain its majority on the SG Assembly. There were reports that USL and Comrade Hannah Bin Laden Leshaw would try to defund the Excelsior. I should have seen it coming after the April 22 SG debates. USL Presidential Candidate Ozzie Allen was noticeably silent when USL VP Candidate Yogita Balram defamed the hosts of the debate (the Excelsior) while grand inquisitor Robert Ramos egged her on. Both Ozzie and PHD Presidential Candidate Eddie Baker agreed that SG leaders don't belong in the campus media. I'll be the first to admit that there are too many PHD members on the Excelsior. I honestly think PHD leader Scott Kuperberg should resign from the Excelsior- between his takeover of the April Fool's issue and his attempts at charming both Aly Walansky and Kingsman editor Barbara Pizarro, he has way too much power for a staff writer. I wish I had that much influence here, and I've been a staff writer for over two years! I would also like to see USL leader Robert Ramos leave the Kingsman. Ramos criticizes the Excelsior for allowing Kuperberg on staff, yet Ramos has no qualms about writing news stories and poetry (including "I'm Sorry" where he apologizes for all the wrongs he wrought on BC) for the Kingsman.

Another hot topic at the SG debates was the editorials and poetry of a contributor to the Excelsior who calls himself NED. Excuse me, Yogita, but NED is NOT an Excelsior staff member. The "offending" poetry about Amadou Diallo was NED's opinion. Before you think this was the view of the Excelsior, you should have read the disclaimer on NED's viewpoints in page two of the April 19 issue or page two of the April 26 Election issue. How about I start complaining about all your pet views I find offensive, like your rudeness at the SG debates, USL's anti-American initiatives (banning the flag and the Pledge of Allegiance), USL's recent attempt to defund the Excelsior, or the rhetorical war your ilk has against the NYPD? The sad thing is that 24,000 NYC residents get paid $34,000 per year to defend people like you who want them done away with. And where is Ozzie Allen while the Yogitas and Hannahs of USL try to destroy morality and law at BC?

Finally, I will address those ignorant critics of my "Battle of the Bands" article. No one else wanted to report on the concert, so I covered it for the Excelsior. Certain anonymous USL members said my article was biased toward PHD because of Scott Kuperberg's quotes that I used in the article. Certain PHD members said I slandered their party in my article. If anybody slandered PHD or its image during the concert, it was Scott Kuperberg himself. It was Scott's idea to butcher a classic Styx tune during intermission. Scott was the one who inappropriately whined about USL using SG money to fund their "Concerts at the Quad" while "Battle of the Bands" came solely out of PHD's pocket. Scott was the one who tried to flatter Barbara Pizarro (a judge for the event) in Spanish during intermission. Much of Scott's conduct was unbecoming for such a major (and otherwise enjoyable) event. To those who thought my article was too short, I wonder if any of them could write a long article without being judgemental of something in that concert. My observations- of the acts (Fingersoul should have won instead of Fallen), Scott's blunders, Jackie Wahba's hosting- that belongs here in the POV section, not in page one of the Excelsior. And the Kingsman didn't think "Battle of the Bands" was that newsworthy. They stuck their coverage in page three of their paper- with a short article- that seemed awfully similar stylistically to my article. I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. However, I know I didn't let Barbara Pizarro, Michelle Wright, or Scott Kuperberg (who wrote a pseudonymous review of the concert in the April 26 Excelsior) read my notes.

I'll leave criticism of Nigel Asregadoo's latest attempt at igniting the press wars to my friends in the Excelsior editorial board.

May 3, 1999/BC Excelsior