Giant Harp comes to WFC- by Thomas Donald Clarke

     The world's largest string instrument will occupy the
Winter Garden of the World Financial Center this week 
     The 330-foot long "Earth Harp" is the muse of a 
Chicago-based performing arts group called Mass
Ensemble. The harp is made of 40 wires stretching from
the edge of the stage, over 50-foot tall palm trees and the
Winter Garden's audience area, to the back steel frame of
the World Financial Center.
    The giant harp, which workmen were constructing today,
is the centerpiece of the group's concert series at the
Winter Garden, according to WTC spokeswoman Arlene 
Harrington. There will be lectures on Mass Ensemble's 
performance art and audience demonstrations on the 
Earth Harp for tomorrow and Wednesday. A formal
performance featuring the Earth Harp and other Mass
Ensemble creations will be held in the Winter Garden on 
Thursday night.
    "This harp, like our recent installation at Chicago's Field
Museum, interacts with the architecture, literally
transforming the space into a completely unique instrument
featuring the acoustical and structural qualities of the Winter
Garden," stated Bill Close, a co-founder of Mass Ensemble
and the creator of the Earth Harp.
    The WTC spokeswoman couldn't answer repeated 
questions on the purpose of the name "Earth Harp."

October 25, 1999/Brooklyn News Service- Journalism Program