My Clarke lineage and Ancestors

0) Thomas Donald Clarke (born May 8, 1972 in Abilene, TX).

1) Donald George Clarke (born October 1, 1935 in Jacksonville, FL; died December 27, 1995 at Hillhaven Nursing Home in Memphis, TN)
married to Patricia Marie Faith (born June 12, 1942 in Chambersburg, PA; died November 5, 1991 at the now-closed Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis, TN)

2) George Francis Clarke (born May 17, 1908 in Pinconning, MI; died June 23, 1981 at the VA Hospital in Memphis, TN)
married to Hazel K. Stokes (born August 26, 1911 in Toronto, Ontario; died August 29, 1995 in Memphis, TN)
George and Hazel were married April 4, 1929 in Detroit, MI. They adopted an infant whom they named Debbie Frances Clarke (born July 10, 1952 at Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis, TN). Debbie is still alive and alternates her time (working and volunteering) between Colorado, Arkansas, and Missouri.

3) Edgar Allison Clarke (born June 2, 1883 in Ionia, MI; died August 1, 1960 in Indianapolis, IN
My great-grandmother (and George's mother) was Jeanette Maude Porter (born January 25, 1875 in Attica, MI; died March 22, 1933 in Jacksonville, FL), to whom he was married about 20 years from 1906 to 1926?. Edgar was also married to a Cecelia Clarke (born 1880 in Wisconsin; died 1936? in Indianapolis, IN). His third wife was Audrey Castle (born September 1908 in Mississippi; died February 1986 in Jackson, MS), to whom he was married from 1940-60. Edgar helped raise 2 stepsons who died young, my grandfather's half brother Milton Stocum (1896-1912) and Charles Castle (1935?-1950s?)

4) Edgar Almeron Clarke (born August 31, 1850 in Hammond Hill, NY?; died December 25, 1929 in Grand Rapids, MI)
Edgar was married to Lucina E. Cadwell (born July 7, 1847 in Tioga Co, PA; died Septmber 6, 1910 in Grand Rapids, MI) on May 8, 1873 at First Methodist Episcopal Church in Ionia, MI.
Edgar and Lucina's other children were Sarah "Sadie" Clarke Hill (born January 1, 1878 in Ionia, MI; died January 4, 1940 in Kalamazoo, MI), Ina "Inez" Clarke Blanchard (born March 1, 1881 in Grand Rapids, MI; died January 8, 1941 in Toledo, OH), and George Stillman Clarke (born April 14, 1888 in Ionia, MI; died July 29, 1956 in Grand Rapids, MI)

5) Stillman Clarke (born February 28, 1806 in Sullivan, NH; died before 1867 in Michigan)
Stillman was married to Sarah M. Allen (born January 1, 1817 in Newfane, VT; died September 22, 1897 in Albion, MI).
Stillman and Sarah's other children were Helen Clarke (born 1843 in NY; died after 1912 in Michigan) and Frances Clarke Chase (born January 9, 1848 in NY; died April 20, 1911, in Grand Rapids, MI). Stillman and Sarah left Upstate NY for Michigan around 1850.. so there is great dispute as to where their son Edgar was born.

6)Abraham Clarke (born August 17, 1776 in Townsend, MA; died January 26, 1867 in Wadhams Mills, NY)
Abraham was married to Edith Taylor on January 3, 1804, in Springfield, VT (born April 14, 1782 in Windsor, VT; died September 11, 1866 in Wadhams Mills, NY).
They had 6 other children: Tryphena Clarke (born December 16, 1804 in Sullivan, NH; died March 28, 1811 in Sullivan, NH); Almon Clarke (born April 10, 1808 in Sullivan, NH; died November 1, 1885 in Andover, MA); Nahum Madison Clarke (born August 29, 1812 in Springfield, VT; died December 30, 1898 in Wadhams Mills, NY); Almena Tryphena Clarke Hathorne (born April 1822 in Crown Point, NY; died March 13, 1899 in New Haven, VT); Zilpah Clarke (born November 3, 1818 in Crown Point, NY; died May 3, 1830 in Crown Point, NY) and Franklin Clarke (b-d unknown). Almon's daughter Lucia Fidelia Clarke (born October 14, 1835 in Crown Point, NY; died 1911 in Andover, MA) is notable for being a Latin instructor at Wellesley College and for probably being the first Clarke to attend a post-secondary educational institution in any capacity, years before her cousin Almon Taylor Clarke (1840-1929).

7)Abraham Clarke (born 1736 in MA; died June 22, 1817 in Crown Point, NY)
Abraham was married to Olive Taylor (born September 4, 1744 in Dunstable, MA; died August 12, 1782 in Townsend, MA).
Their other children included Isaac Clarke (b-d. unknown); Olive Clarke Field (born April 20, 1770 in Townsend, MA; died February 4, 1838 in NH); Samuel Clarke (born February 14, 1772 in Townsend, MA); Lucy Clarke (born April 21, 1774 in Townsend, MA); and Asa Clarke (born October 25, 1778 in Townsend, MA).

before I continue on, I should note here that there is no existing record of Abraham Clarke's birth or parentage. The only reason I'm sure he was born in 1736 is because of the age listed on his tombstone. However, the Sullivan, NH, records that gave me the information on Abraham Clarke Sr. and Jr. also mentioned a Lydia Clarke (born December 4, 1770 in Townsend, MA; died April 22, 1865 in Sullivan, NH) who was a relative of Abraham Clarke Sr. Since Lydia's parents and family are well documented (and since records on her parents confirmed that Abraham was not their child), I did some investigating. This individual was Lydia's uncle, and the Townsend records that confirm a lot of the other Clarkes have his death record, his daughter's marriage record, but are missing any birth records of his children. So now I continue on with the potential ancestral lineage below..
8) Samuel Clarke (born June 17, 1706 in Concord, MA; died May 17, 1783 in Townsend, MA)
Samuel's wife was Sarah Clarke (born 1710 in MA; died February 12, 1787 in Townsend, MA)
The only confirmed child I could find of Samuel and Sarah was Rebeckah Clarke Whitney (born 1735? in Townsend, MA; died April 11, 1779 in Townsend, MA), and that is only because of Rebecca's 1764 marriage certificate to Levi Whitney (1739-1809) that mentions her father Samuel Clarke.

9) William Clarke (born December 30, 1679 in Boston, MA; died May 1, 1756 in Townsend, MA)
William's wife was Eunice Taylor (born October 22, 1678 in Concord, MA; died April 13, 1761 in Townsend, MA)
William and Eunice's other children were Mary Clarke (born December 11, 1708 in Concord, MA); Rebeckah Clarke (born October 8, 1711 in Concord, MA); and Lydia's father William Clarke (born June 9, 1717 in Concord, MA; died March 29, 1776 in Townsend, MA).

10) Samuel Clarke (born October 26, 1646 in Boston, MA; died January 30, 1730 in Concord, MA)
Samuel's wife was Rachel Nichols (born July 19, 1654 in Charlestown/Boston, MA; died October 19, 1722 in Concord, MA)
Samuel and Sarah's children in Savage's New England Settlers list are :
SAMUEL, Concord, s. of Arthur, m. Rachel Nichols, had Samuel, b. 26 Oct. 1676; William, 30 Dec. 1679; Sarah, 4 July 1681 (d. 7/25/1720 in Concord, MA); Rachel, 17 Apr. 1683; Susanna, 26 Apr. 1689; Hannah, 11 Apr. 1691; Benjamin, 13 Oct. 1693; and Arthur, 30 Jan. 1696 (d. 4/2/1789 in Sherborn, MA). The children born before 1685 were born in Boston according to their town records. The children born after 1685 were born in Concord.

11) Arthur Clarke. This is far back as I have been able to trace the Clarkes, and there are a lot of questions I still have on him. His birth date and birthplace are unknown, although he was probably born well before 1620 and could have been of Irish, Dutch,or Scandinavian ancestry (which will require a much more expensive Y-DNA test to confirm). He was firmly established as an indentured servant in Hampton, NH, from 1637-1640. After being certified as a freeman according to colonial Massachusetts laws in 1640, Arthur sold his acquired property in Hampton and settled in Salem, MA, where he married his wife Sarah. In 1643, Arthur and Sarah Clarke were "removed" from Salem to Boston (that's what the records say, I can only speculate what caused the fundamentalists that ruled Salem in the 17th Century to force my ancestors out of town). Their other child besides Samuel Clarke was Sarah Clarke Benjamin (born March 10, 1644 in Boston, MA; died 1717? in New London, CT). Arthur died in October 1665 in Boston. On October 31, 1665, His wife Sarah and son Samuel executed Arthur's will. Most records on Arthur Clarke are highly suspect, as there is no proof he was born in 1620 (he was almost certainly born 5-10 years earlier than that), there is no legitimate document that lists his parents, and many listings that show an Arthur Clarke born in England also show that Arthur Clarke to be in England at the same time my ancestor was in Hampton and Salem. He was certainly not born in Ipswich, MA, because that community did not exist when he was born.

One thing I have noticed about my ancestors- with the exception of George Stillman Clarke and my grandfather George Francis Clarke, most were NOT well off financially. They tended to move around a lot (although I may have outdid all of them in calling 8 states home in my first 43 years). Outside of the Clarkes who died as infants or before 18; most Clarkes did not spend their entire lives in one community. Most Clarkes were non-religious or Protestant- my mother and I are probably the only ones on this list who were baptized Catholic. Many Clarkes were in the military- my father Donald G. Clarke was in the Air Force and served in Vietnam; George F. Clarke was an Army MP at a POW camp during World War 2; and William Clarke and his nephew Abraham Clarke served in the Massachusetts militia during the Revolutionary War. For the most part, the Clarkes of the 18th and 19th Centuries had very long (for the time) lives. Lydia Clarke lived to 94, her sister Rebecca Clarke Belknap lived to be 102, and Abraham Clarke Jr lived to be 90. However, the life expectancy for certain Clarkes has gone down since the beginning of the 20th Century: while Edgar Clarke Sr lived be 79 and his son Edgar Allison Clarke lived to be 77, Edgar's brother George died at 68, Edgar's sisters died at 62 and 60, Edgar's only child George Francis Clarke died at 73, and Edgar's only grandchild Donald G. Clarke died at 60.

Sources for the Grand Rapids and Ionia Clarkes include the Western Michigan Genealogical Society and the Ionia County clerk's office.

Sources for the Essex County and Sullivan, NH Clarkes include Essex County Genweb, the New Hampshire state library in Concord, NH, A History of the Town of Sullivan, NH, and Cheshire County Genweb.

Sources for Clarkes earlier than 1700 include James Savage's Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England (which lumps both Clarkes and Clarks together under the heading of Clark), Massachusetts Vital records, and the Lane Memorial Library's Hampton (NH) Genealogy Page

Click here for the Clarke and related families index I put up on Ancestry and Rootsweb.

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