General Discussion - Is this Danihottie? (It isn't Diana) From: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) 6/7/2000 10:58 am To: GODDESS10 (1 of 15) 99.1 Diana, some weird account with the name "Danny2Hottie" is accusing you of being the infamous Danielle Renald. At least one former Senior Editor on the Excelsior is also accusing you of masterminding the "Danihottie" attacks. For your sake, you'd better explain any role you've had in this fiasco. Donald Clarke Forum Host From: GODDESS10 6/7/2000 2:17 pm To: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) (2 of 15) 99.2 in reply to 99.1 Well I didn't know about some weird account with the name "Danny2Hottie" accusing me of being Danielle Renald. However I do know that the certain former people of the Excelsior are accusing me of being Danihottie or whatever. Since I had nothing to do with anything involving the Danihottie attacks, and people who are my friends, and know me know I didn't have anything to do with it, I don't feel the need to defend myself to others. -Diana Pensabene From: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) 6/8/2000 10:23 am To: GODDESS10 (3 of 15) 99.3 in reply to 99.2 Finally, Diana posted something!!! But seriously, it was from certain people at the Excelsior that I found out about the accusations against you- and they seemed to be pretty convinced. But then, I no longer attend Brooklyn College. But in doing my off-campus investigation, I found some pretty curious things: Danihottie first appeared under another name December 27, 1999- around the same time I made this a closed forum. She changed her name to Danihottie and started posting in February. Danihottie seemed to know a lot about my departure from the Excelsior. She also knew a lot of the details of Alyson's private life. In her chat with Alyson that she posted on e-mail and on this forum, she recalled the conversation Alyson had with Megan and Sabina about Alyson's tryst with Scott and the pregnancy test that followed. No one eavesdropping from the Kingsman could have figured that out. And most of the people I remember from the Kingsman had grudges against Scott, not Alyson. (For the record, I found out the meaning of Danihottie's e-mail when I confronted Jon Koza with it last month.) And I checked the time-date stamps of you and Danihottie's account over the last month. You two seem to visit within an hour of each other- almost every day over the last 3 months! But then, Danihottie may suspect that the Excelsiorites think you are her, and she could be following you around to cover her tracks. Either way, Danihottie admitted on this forum that she sent me a computer virus that wiped out my computer in October 1998. Whoever she is, she faces a civil lawsuit or else the wrath of my sister (who just found out that the last e-mails and computer posts my father made before he died were wiped out thanks to that computer virus). Donald Clarke Forum Host 8026/315 From: GODDESS10 6/8/2000 7:08 pm To: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) (4 of 15) 99.4 in reply to 99.3 Hiya again :) Well I figured you heard that rumor from people at the Excelsior. I'm calling it a rumor because I don't exactly know who believes it, but me and people I'm friends with know it's not true. As for all the things you posted, wow thats kinda interesting since I didn't even know some of those things. I knew about Aly's little tryst or whatever it was with Scott, but I had no idea that there was a pregnancy test or even a need for one. Kinda interesting new information. Anything that Danihottie has done recently or is going to do in the future I don't really care anymore. I graduated from Brooklyn College, and I don't plan to go back anytime soon or socialize with the any people (except PHD people) from Brooklyn College. Although it doesn't really interest me anymore I do agree with you (and your sister) that this Danihottie/Danielle Renald person should face serious charges, including criminal charges for anything she did to anyone, including Aly, Scott, you and whoever else. -Diana Pensabene From: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) 6/9/2000 11:34 am To: GODDESS10 (5 of 15) 99.5 in reply to 99.4 Well, Miss Renald certainly could get sued by Alyson or Scott or Joe Ciraco for libel. But my inside source at BC says things have quieted down- Sabina is now in control of the Excelsior, Alyson and Tsippa are out, Scott will be taking the Cheryl Felsenberg tour of Israel for a year (and hopefully won't return!). But then, I've heard rumblings over the past 18 months that the following people could be Danihottie: Joe Ciraco Howard Newman Liz Stonehill Ann Marie Adams Mike Russo at least 2 former Kingsman editors other than Ann Marie Mesquita Adams Somehow I doubt Danihottie will be trashing the Excelsior next semester. But if I ever return to BC, she might try slandering me again. But then I have at least one educational option this September which could be much more profitable than BC. Donald Clarke Forum Host From: GODDESS10 6/9/2000 1:30 pm To: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) (6 of 15) 99.6 in reply to 99.5 Well, although I haven't been around the Excelsior in quite a while, I think Sabina will do a great job of being in charge. Tsippa hasn't been around for a while, but she also graduated which I think is a great thing. As for Aly and Scott I really have nothing to say. Everything that has happened in the past year, maybe even longer, is exactly the past. However, I find it so interesting that I find out more information from your posts here, then I found out from these people, people I thought were my friends, in the past year and a half. Seems like everyone who has not gotten along with Aly and/or Scott in the past year and a half, for whatever reason, has been accused of being Danihottie. Hopefully now that some of us graduated, some of us have moved on to other things, whatever they may, there's no real reason to talk about whatever friendships may have existed in the past. -Diana Pensabene From: stevestatic 6/19/2000 1:51 am To: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) (7 of 15) 99.7 in reply to 99.1 Donny, you're one big fiasco with coke bottle glasses. Rahhhn! Steve From: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) 6/19/2000 10:27 am To: stevestatic unread (8 of 15) 99.8 in reply to 99.7 Thanks a lot. I'll remember that when you're bald at 35 and I can actually afford eye surgery. Donald Clarke Forum Host From: stevestatic 6/20/2000 12:39 am To: GODDESS10 unread (9 of 15) 99.9 in reply to 99.6 Donald needs a girl. Help him find one. Steve From: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) 6/20/2000 10:54 am To: stevestatic (10 of 15) 99.10 in reply to 99.9 Steve, quit trying to set me up with girls from Brooklyn College! How about I set you up with an American girl? I'm sure your friends in Saitama, japan, would be thrilled with that.... Donald Clarke Forum host/Ringmaster for the Steve, Suz, and Danihottie Online Show From: sfclarke 6/27/2000 11:13 pm To: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) (11 of 15) 99.11 in reply to 99.10 How about we put up a nation wide search engine for "Find Donald a woman". From: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) 6/28/2000 10:20 am To: sfclarke unread (12 of 15) 99.12 in reply to 99.11 I doubt that would work. Maybe I ought to go to Sunnyside and see if they still have marriage brokers. your brother From: stevestatic 6/30/2000 3:18 am To: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) (13 of 15) 99.13 in reply to 99.12 Donny needs to find a girl in an internet dating service room rahhhhhhhhhhn! She needs to be a nerd rahhhhhhhhn! Dahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhald! Donny! Rahhn! From: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) 12/11/2002 10:59 pm To: GODDESS10 (14 of 15) 99.14 in reply to 99.6 Danihottie Update: After years of exhaustive research, I think I know who Danihottie is. Contrary to Excelsior beliefs, it isn't Diana Pensabene. It isn't Ann Marie Adams. It isn't Jon Koza. It isn't me. It certainly isn't my sister, who got threatened by that psycho. Nope, to look at Danihottie, you have to look at the object of her psychotic affection, Alyson Walansky. Danihottie knew more intimate details about Alyson than anyone else. When Joe Ciraco spurned Alyson, Danihottie went and attacked Joe, accusing him of having an illicit affair with Alyson. When Diana started disagreeing with Alyson, Danihottie left hints that she and Diana were one in the same. When Alyson and Scott did have an affair and it got broken off when he allegedly raped her (no one but Alyson and Scott knows the real truth there), Danihottie started harassing Scott (not like he didn't deserve it, but that's another story). And after Alyson ran me off the Excelsior 3 years ago, Danihottie started snooping around here. And when I refused to be nice to the psycho, she went after my sister Suz, who a year earlier got into a phone argument with Alyson when Suz called the Excelsior office to contact me (I didn't have a phone at that time, so I used that phone for contacting friends, relatives, work, etc.). So to clarify things, Danihottie is nothing more than the personified psychotic inferiority complex of Alyson Walansky herself. Since we are dealing with a girl who needs serious psychiatric inpatient treatment, I urge everyone to break off contact with her and to avoid her. Alyson is bad news and will ruin nearly everything she comes in contact with. Fortunately, most of my friends are no longer in contact with her. The girl needs help. Feeding her ego will make things worse and might potentially endanger people's lives. Maybe someday Alyson can get the inpatient help she needs. I suggest she go to the South Beach State Mental hospital. Maybe she can room with my Scientology-brainwashed former supervisor Marc Consentino. But it's not nice to pick on the mentally ill. Donald Clarke former Forum Host unofficial patient referrer, South Beach From: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) 6/23/2003 7:04 pm To: GODDESS10 (15 of 15) 99.15 in reply to 99.6 I hate to keep dredging up the past, but I found out Alyson/Danihottie has ruined a lot more lives than yours and mine. She should probably be in jail for the crap she pulled with my sister and the stuff she did while working for the band Spiraling. If you or anyone else wants to share your stories about the hell Alyson/Danihottie put you through, go to the USENET group and speak out against her on her own online scmoozefest. Donald Clarke former forum host Cypress Hills, Brooklyn