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This page has seen quite a few of my viewpoints over the years. But now, most of those on the left (and a few on the right) in power are corrupt and deserve at the very least unemployment and a permanent residence in NYC's (or Austin's non-existent) shelter system. The new NYC mayor and city council went from liberal to Berkeley/Boulder Socialist. In January 2014, New York's governor made statements about pro-lifers and gun rights supporters not belonging in the state and yet he got re-elected. Colorado has turned from blue to purple (with the Republicans taking Mark "Uterus" Udall's senate seat, the state Senate, and every statewide office except Governor). And in the rest of America, the GOP trampled the jackass party in local and Congressional races. In 2016, I came close to renouncing my US citizenship due to the left-wing anti-Catholic Hillary Clinton leading the polls up until Election Day. But Trump won, and while I oppose his immigration and trade policies, it is fun watching the entrenched left squirm as they are (electorally) forced out of power and unable to halt the deregulation and other policies. But thanks in no small part to "Antifa", the US is more divided and unreconcilable than it has been in over 150 years. Supposedly Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia is offering sanctuary for Trump-opposing Americans.


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