Classic Prodigy (and other) Posts Page

Due to a computer error with AOL in early 1999, some of the Classic Online Posts were wiped off the Web. It took me over three years going through dozens of disks and a slow computer to compile them here. I compiled them all on Yahoo/Geocities by 2002, but they announced early in 2009 that they were shutting down their free websites. By July 5, 2009, all the Prodigy Posts from there were moved here top my website. Some of the featured threads here include stuff from Prodigy, CompuServe, and my Delphi forum. Any of my old friends from these forums are welcome to download them if they can figure out how to do that without messing up the website. Most of these are saved as HTML or MS-DOS TXT for Internet viewing purposes.

As far as the fates of these old boards, my online forum on Delphi disappeared (along with my Delphi ID) in June 2005. Prodigy was bought out by AT&T/SBC/Yahoo (soon to be part of Verizon) and none of the bulletin boards are there anymore. AOL merged CompuServe with the Netscape ISP. AOL has forums, but nothing like what used to go on in the 1990s. And I rarely used my real name when most of the posts first appeared. But my real legal (or government) name is Thomas Donald Clarke, and in the past, I was known to use such names as Greg Sollenberger, Tom Kelly, Netscaper113, and my late father's name (Donald G. Clarke). I'm glad Steve Peak, Diana Pensabene, Glenn Markowitz, Mary McCullough, Jerry Vasilatos, Elyse Zois, George "JJ Meeker" Haygood, Mike McNabb, Joy Blanton, Gus Corso, Pete Hickey, the Donovans, and others played along. But I probably could have done without the online stalkers (Mark Pena, Thomas Davis, Gerald "Gerbil" Jones) and the whole Alyson Walansky/Danihottie mess. Also notable on a few of the posts is the presence of the late Terry Coppage, just before he started his infamous Bartcop blog.

Additional posts by the late Terry Coppage (who I found out when he died in March 2014 was behind the left-wing Bartcop blog)

Cashman the Censor

Haygood in Arizona

Jim Dolce's Pena Saga (June 1993)

The Mark "Vito" Johnson Prodigy Dossier (1994)

My 1993 Pena Saga plus offensive Pena posts (1993-1995)

The 2nd Coming of Pena Thread (December 1993)

Pena and the 1994 Elections (November 1994)

CompuServe's "Rat Fishing in Baltimore" Thread (Summer 1994)

Ken Milks on Compuserve

Christmas 1996 Chatter

The "Rush (de)flates Coppage" thread (November 1993)

Classic (or classless) posts by the infamous Gerald "Gerbil" Jones (1994-95)

The Davis Fund (1997)

Jerry Anderson's King Dit and other threads(1993-97)

Tommy Davis on WTTM-AM(Feb. 1997)

Jerry Vasilatos's Solstice comes out (Spring-Dec 1994)

Prodigy Reaction to Jerry Vasilatos in LA (Spring 1997)

Joe Pyritz the Censor(1995)

Tom Leykis on CompuServe (1995)

Apologies and anti-censors (May 1994)

A few of Tommy Davis's lies (Fall 1994)

Prodigy NYC Radio Discussion 1996-1997

CompuServe NYC Radio Discussion 1995

Me and Jason Weiser about Danihottie

Steve Peak and Danihottie (Summer 2000)

Steve-isms (Summer 2000)

More Steve-isms (Summer 2000)

Diana Pensabene and Steve (Spring 2000)

More Danihottie crap (2000)

Pre-Danihottie forum posts (1999)

My 2000 Vacation (featuring Suz)

Everything you didn't want to know about Danihottie

the Howard Stern Starr Stalkers (March 1997)

Last updated March 19, 2017.

Celebrating 24 years in online counter-terrorism.

And the Solstice movie mentioned on 2 of the threads is now called The Night Before Christmas and is available on DVD.