The Weasel in the White House -by Thomas Donald Clarke

    Since the Fall of 1997, the paparazzi controversy has
been overshadowed by the ultimate obtrusive journalism story:
the Lewinsky sex scandal. Do we need to know that some of
their sex aids included breath mints and cigars? No. It is
sad that Ken Starr thought that featuring the most graphic
sexual detail ever contained in a federal criminal report
would bolster his impeachment case against Clinton.
    Should Clinton be impeached? Yes. None of his sexual
activity was illegal, but perjury and obstruction of justice
(lying under oath and covering up the fact that he had sex
with Lewinsky) are criminal and impeachable offenses.  This
whole mess could have been avoided if he had not exposed
himself to Paula Jones back in 1991. With the way our tabloid
media is, Clinton would have best served the country by not
becoming President. His student activities back in the late
1960's (which barred him from even stepping foot inside the
Pentagon until his election), his inability to tell the
truth, his constant and reckless adultery, and his tendancy
to destroy the lives of his opponents (Billy Dale, Gennifer
Flowers, Paula Jones, and a few hundred Whitewater investors,
among others) demonstrate a low moral character that in
normal times would have disgusted voters. His character and
his constant support for all forms of abortion (including
partial birth abortion) are a threat to the nation's moral
fiber.  Sure he lucked out on the economy (thanks to his
retention of Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan and the
election of a Republican Congress to force him to the right
on taxes and other economic issues), but almost anyone with a
brain and to the right of Cuomo could have taken credit for
the high economic times of the mid 1990s.
    Clinton's foreign policy (especially on Iraq and Somalia)
and his social positions (complete government control of the
health care system, abortion encouragement, phony concern
about the drug problem while he lies about his past drug use)
are wrong. Clinton must leave, the sooner the better. But it
would be the ultimate triumph of the tabloid press if he
resigned- because most of what the public remembers is the
Altoids, the Tripp tapes, and the cigar, not the threats
against any White House staff who testified against him or
his anti-US activities in 1969 Russia or the FBI files in his
basement or his constant vetoes of the partial birth abortion
ban or Kathryn Willey or Elizabeth Ward Gracen or Vince
Foster or Billy Dale or any of the numerous, lesser known
crimes that should have driven him from office.