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 	From: Donald Clarke (DGCLARKE)	Feb-11-2000 1:31 pm 
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 	I have received information from my inside source at the Excelsior about some sick forms of harassment against that paper. Not only is the dreaded Miss Danielle Renald (aka Danihottie) threatening to cause trouble, but now that are allegations of someone vandalizing the Excelsior office with bodily fluids.
As far as I know, no one has taken responsibility for the vandalism. While I don't condone this type of activity, it proves that Aly, Scott, and co. have pissed off far more dangerous people than me.

Ms Renald allegedly threatened Scott Kuperberg with more verbal violence against the Excelsior. I say allegedly because I think Scott knows a lot more about Ms. Renald than what he's told the Excelsior staff. But then this sfb accused me of being Ms Renald last semester, even though Ms Renald sent me an IM in 1998 that totally fried my computer!

Supposedly campus security has been notified of this nonsense. But then I think there are allegations of harassment from both sides that need to be investigated by higher authorities than BC's rent-a-cops.

Donald Clarke 
Forum Host 
former Excelsior staff member

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 	From: KURSK	Feb-14 9:13 am 
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 	Well Donald, 
Not surprising Scott knows something. He always struck me as a lower form of invertabrate life. Wouldn't surprise me at all if he were playing both sides of ze fence? Nah, not our Scott, HE'D never do such a thing? . Look, we all know the suspect list is as long as my arm, and just as entertaining. But in this context, Scott's departure is, well, damned suspiscious. But, then, they do say timing is everything? 
As for Danniehottie, I think, personally, it's mountains out of molehills. A little bird told me that there is serious concerns that the Kingsman staff is wondering if they will have a paper by the end of the semester, and that Michelle quit, so, lets face it, methinks a judicious bit of diplomacy on the Excelcior's part might be the thing to nip that potential problem in the bud, but who knows, perhaps she's linked to the vandalism, it's a safe bet, but then again, with all that goes on in the office, one can't tell what occured with turning the Excelcior into a urinal?

PS: I can assure you it wasn't me.

1) I had better things to do with my break 
2) In late Dec/Early Jan, I was out of town 
3) Ain't my style, that's so, IMPROVISATIONAL!!!

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 	From: Donald Clarke (DGCLARKE)	Feb-14 10:25 am 
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 	I didn't have anything to do with the vandalism. I didn't even find out about it until last week- around the same time time I found out Scott quit. 
But you're right- there probably is a link between Danihottie and the vandalism.
I also think Ms Hottie was illegally impersonating Michelle Wright (in the same way a certain banned-for-life-from-this-forum member was using Megan Varon's account). If I was with the Kingsman, I'd be concerned about some of the shenanigans going on around here.

I wonder, have some of my enemies been booted from SG yet?


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