General Discussion - DC's first vacation since 1998 From: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) 8/1/2000 10:50 am To: ALL (1 of 9) 109.1 Maybe it's a good thing this board is dead right now, since I'm leaving NYC for a while starting tomorrow. While my relatives in Chambersburg do have internet access, I doubt they'd let me spend the next week glued to their computers..... I wonder how stress-reducing that will be. Donald Clarke Forum Host Greene Township, Pennsylvania From: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) 8/8/2000 5:53 pm To: sfclarke unread (2 of 9) 109.2 in reply to 109.1 Suz, I just came back from Chambersburg. Most of my furniture that was in storage is now headed to the auction house. A lot of relatives were asking about you. And Tracey wants to know when you're coming to visit again. your brother PS- after viewing the videotape of Lori's wedding and observing our aunts in uncles in "serious" conversation, I have come to the conclusion that we're no more messed up than the rest of the relatives. In fact, you should consider yourself lucky that Dean hasn't left you after 3 years.... From: sfclarke 8/9/2000 12:13 am To: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) (3 of 9) 109.3 in reply to 109.2 so i guess that means between the fruits and vegetables of a family we are the vegetables and they are the fruits. i wish i could go up there and see some of the family that i still consider my family. well i am glad that you got to take a trip out of town for awhile i know you needed it is my turn. i want to go before the 12th of sept. when i have to go back to court for a hearing.yes we are working our way up the scale on court ratings. next it is a trial. i just hope we don't make it that far. well the job i am trying for closed today so i am supposed to find out tomorrow if i got it or not. i hope so . say a prayer for me please. love little sis From: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) 8/12/2000 2:28 pm To: sfclarke unread (4 of 9) 109.4 in reply to 109.3 As far as family food groups, the Faiths are the fruits and the Stokes clan are the nuts (although even Grandma stood out in that family). I assume you got the blanket family e-mail I sent yesterday. That has the correct e-mail addresses for certain aunts and uncles in Chambersburg and Iowa. I strongly suggest you and Dean leave Tennessee after the custody mess is settled (and hopefully in your favor). As long as you live in Shelby or Tipton counties, Child Services in those counties are going to be hounding you. I can think of a lot of places with a cheaper cost of living than that suburban hickland you call home now. In fact, I read about several 3 bedroom apartments in Chambersburg renting for under $500 a month, and 2 bedrooms (assuming Allie and Jamie won't kill each other if they sleep in the same room) renting for around $350. your brother PS- how did Tracey and Magic know about my potential career plans? Due to the constant lingering of Danihottie virus, you'd better e-mail me with that explanation. From: stevestatic 8/13/2000 7:57 pm To: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) (5 of 9) 109.5 in reply to 109.4 Danny, rahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhn! From: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) 8/14/2000 4:13 pm To: stevestatic unread (6 of 9) 109.6 in reply to 109.5 Surely you can come up with something better than that.... Donald Clarke Forum Host Midtown Manhattan From: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) 8/14/2000 4:19 pm To: sfclarke (7 of 9) 109.7 in reply to 109.3 I got your message. And I already had that e-mail address, which is listed on my e-mail list to Kelly, not Wendy. Do you think this forum would scare them off? Or would they use it to promote their business? I would give you their website address, but I'm sure Wendy already gave it to you and the last thing she needs is Danihottie trying to hack into that website... your brother Forum Host Midtown North From: sfclarke 8/16/2000 2:35 pm To: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) (8 of 9) 109.8 in reply to 109.7 considering that wendy has a brand new computer that she has never even turned on let alone used i doubt that she would benifit from it. you know what being so beoke that a $1.00 drink is more than you can afford is really pitiful. i am so tired of the military and their hurry up and wait policy of geting a job cause i can't afford to wait. From: Donald Clarke (dgclarke) 8/19/2000 10:26 am To: sfclarke (9 of 9) 109.9 in reply to 109.8 I can think of at least 4 city jobs that have that hiring philosophy. And my pharmacy is hiring for cashiers and stock people. But the salary is so low that I wouldn't suggest you move up here to apply for it. your brother PS- due to new work hours, I can only go on the internet once a week now.