It seemed like fun at the time, didn't it
we talked about doing it for days
but you were out of there as soon as it was done
had enough of the one night stands
and the fake pretty faces
it wasn't enough to settle down
and you bloodied me without throwing a punch
you're back in your high life
while I'm stuck in the ghetto trying to rekindle what you promised me
at an age way too old to be solo for so long
no friends in high or low places
and not sure if what was supposed to be ever existed at all

So much for that career
the hours never added up
you said I'd be rich doing this work
but I'm commuting more than I'm working
you want things confidential on this job
so sue me
if you have the balls or the funds
for all the others you extorted
I'm not sure what you promised to pay me
ever existed at all

No longer in the Empire State of mind
not when my home went from a dream to a nightmare
not when my old neighborhood is still in ruins
when the new guy let it rot 
because they didn't support him
but then it's been dim with promise for over 25 years
and the things I went there for never panned out
sorry for the ones who are stuck behind
but the greatness of the World's second home
never existed at all

you battled me 2 decades ago behind a name hidden in plain sight
try flating the the right wing from wherever you are now
and I'll deflate your legacy
because Bart the cop from Tulsa
never really existed at all, did he, Terry Coppage?

There are times I wish I was invisible
no one notices me for what I want to do
stuck playing a homeless guy
when I'm trying to forget that I used to be one
composed the theme that they forgot
and I wonder if it was worth it at all

From the burning mountains to the flooded shores 
is there any such place as home anymore
From the models to the cuties to the fembots
is there any such thing as love any more
When they claim they want what's in your underwear
but they're repelled by your petite bank account
is it worth it at all?

Looking at my life
all the failures and ruins
and loneliness and hurt
and lower pay, bad housing
fickle friends
nonexistent sex
and even less love
and not sure if happiness or worth
ever existed at all.....

These lyrics were written in April 2014 for personal and other reasons. It took 3 months before I finally could come up with instrumentation for this song.. (c) 2014 Netscaper113 Productions